SAAP Blacklist Facts Wanted @SydneyHomeless

Has anyone,whether as a client or NGO worker of a Supported Accommodation Assistance Program service provider, or government department, any information on the SAAP Blacklist??

We understand that there is a ‘blacklist’ listing people ruled ineligible and circulated throughout the SAAP service provider community.

How why and by whom is it compiled?

Which legislative framework enables and empowers the operation of such a blacklist?

Who are on it?

Is there a published list of reasons for placing people on it?

How can people find out if they are on it?

If people find they are on it and object, is there an appellate process,where people may apply for their removal?

Who can access the blacklist?

As the Minister for #FamilyTerrorism (sorry, Human Services ) has refused to answer parliamentary questions on this apparently highly secretive Blacklist , we would really value any help with this matter:

replies to or @SydneyHomeless on Twitter