Unfortunately, the Rudd Labor Government is not in the right library, let alone on the right page in addressing Systemic personal and community marginalisation. As with previous federal governments of either party, Rudd Labor seeks and takes its advisement from those whose economic growth depends on maintenance (and growth) of marginalisation. Examples of these advisors include ACOSS as peak body for the marginalisation industry, separately, its members, at the forefront being Mission Australia, Salvation Army and St Vincent de Pauls, from the “poverty & employment” sector. The strategies which these organisations promote ensure that the bulk of funding allocations are retained by the so called service provider. These programs disenfranchise marginalised people,while empowering and emboldening the poverty industry to dream up further expensive,ineffective (for marginalised) strategies which successfully secure rivers of gold for themselves.
Your government is rated highly by most on its economic performance-Meaningless to the marginalised who are legally denied the opportunity to defend their sustainable participation. We can fully understand how and why Bankers might be supportive, even effusive, as Labor continues to protect Businesses from people but not people from businesses.
We hear much rhetoric about jobs, but none about sustainable worker payment, from the Labor Party. #Wageslavery pay rates, forced on workers by a regime where every legitimate and effective bargaining tool is rendered ineffective by government legislation -enabling and permitting laissez faire capitalists to engage in wanton worker exploitation. Working conditions and safety have suffered while workers are paid inconsequential amounts,insufficient to have even the basics,far less afford a quality of life.
On Aboriginal and Homelessness issues Minister Jenny Macklin is seen as Australias Marie Antoinette- hopelessly distant,perhaps in a parallel universe. Her Family & Community “The Road Home” perhaps the greatest deception of the public by the current government.Please don’t tell the people you are applying billions of dollars on us. You are applying it on the furtherance of in the main church related unelected NGOs and their corporate wellbeing-not ours. Our aboriginal contacts have the same low opinion of the bipartisan “intervention” with its anglo assimilationist, culturally genocidal intent.
On Social Housing, Ms Plibersek made a wonderful opposition spokesperson, yet once in power follows a pathway which sees Social Housing tenants (SAAP) with less rights than private renters – a human rights issue. The SAAP model renders access to social housing limited to those who allow those Human Services (DOCs) mandatory reporters to insinuate themselves into tenants lives “as social workers”. While DOCs have any role in social housing there will never be a single safe social housing unit for any child or Family. We are now seeing
So nice to see you articulating on the subject.It shows that Labor have a few spare minutes to at least write on subjects of real concern to us.We know your people must be very busy ensuring that the needs of big business and banks are met , and wish you every success in ensuring that the dollars you care about so much vote for your party at election time – we don’t know any people who intend to.