Framework Meeting Report

As suspected, this meeting was primarily about NGOs and government departments stroking their own egos.

Promotions of the meeting carefully omitted to mention the fact that the NSW Government was represented by “Human Services” the current euphemism for DOCs,co-hosting the event with Federal FACHIAS. Like having aids present at a meeting where the subject is health. Human Services is the prime driver of family marginalisation.A key to successful implementation of any social marginalisation solution is the closure of this department,and the dismissal of all staff from any family related role, and the scrapping of its empowering legislation.

People and Organisations genuinely seeking to resolve marginalisation issues  must work to marginalise DOCs (Human Services) AND its contractor NGOS from having any role whatever in family or housing issues.

A carefully orchestrated “workshop” series in two 20 minute sessions with a government dictated list of questions elicited the only probable answers to the questions posed. Flowery language flowed freely as participants grappled with the pressing issues of how to badge engineer acceptance out of the existing structure. The question of measured success of the overall strategy was carefully sidestepped and the struggle was on to wangle success from a ptitful failure.

The meeting was advised of yet another consultancy who have been commissioned to evaluate the results of this series of meetings. We struggle to understand how they will finesse a report, and can only speculate at the wild costs associated with this virtual propaganda exercise.

Using conservative estimates, the overall expense of the exercise when factored nationwide is a telling example of appropriation of funds designated as being “to reduce homelessness” for the internal purposes of government departments and their bevy of pariah NGOs.

Our Proposed Solutions (Nationwide)

  • Eliminate current NGOs and State role in homelessness resolution. Both have (and continue to) demonstrated a prior objective of remaining funded. Functions of State government to be absorbed,where desirable to retain, by Federal Government.NGO role to be taken on over by Local Bodies (Councils)
  • Funding allocated for Homelessness to be spent exclusvely on homelessness, i.e. provision of housing. Separate budget for delivery systems. Public have a right to know what portion of funds allocated to homelessness and marginalisation resolution reaches the target constituency in a form identifiable by clients as useful.
  • 2.7% quota of ALL property developments to be quarantined for social housing. To be applied at each development site, ensuring even community distribution of social housing.Industrial developers may purchase offset properties within 2 kms of site. Developer Tax incentives.

Our Aims (Sydney City);

  • To achieve sustainable housing affordability IN THE PLACES WHERE PEOPLE WANT TO LIVE.
  • Establishment of Shower,Storage & Breakfast Facility prioritising workers with facility for document security. Envisage opening at appropriate location this year. NOT Government supported, or a government reporting service is an imperative of this operations success.
  • Raise the standards of services currently available to homeless and marginalised people in Sydney City area. Just in time emergency accommodation for families,women children. Appropriate,timely  Free Food services. Adequate Just-in-time emergency blanket & clothing distribution.
  • Extend our off-the-streets program which has taken 168 homeless people to an acceptable (for them) self sustainable alternative. We DO NOT assist Centrelink /Job Program clients due to Program providers funding arrangements with Centrelink (they would be paid for work we do).
  • To keep children and Families safe from DOCS / NSW Human Services #Stateterrorism , by any means necessary.

We rarely interact with, and do not endorse, collect information for (or provide information to), or work with any government agencies.