Sydney Homeless Report: March 2010.

The Road Home Fails.Pariah Charity.Pariah NGO. Rudd Fail.

In 2010 Australian businesses happily reap from the tree of exploitation sprouted in the Howard / Abbott / Costello years and nurtured by the Rudd government… you reap what you sow.

As numbers of “on-the-streets” homeless continue to grow steadily in Sydney, its a constant struggle for us ( @SydneyHomeless ) to remain on top of the ever evolving Street scene. Working without corporate or government funding or support does have its challenges, but we are also unconstrained, and certainly not a delivery service for invasive programs.This is I think an appropriate juncture to offer our most earnest appreciations to our individual and business supporters,who make the services which we are able to provide possible.

Government programs and government contractor NGOs do nothing to stem the flow into homelessness, nor to empower Homeless people or provide non cyclical solutions to homelessness. In fact,their policies are the drivers of marginalisation and homelessness.

More people are being forced by economic reality to explore income generation avenues in the drug and sex indistries simply because government protects exploiter employers rights to pay wageslavery rates,and impose exploitative terms and conditions. More women and youth are forced to enter and maintain personal relationships based on their need for accommodation.

Workers still have no protection from employers who choose to go bankrupt, taking with them the accumulated entitlements of employees.Exploitative employers in fact have an entire government funded network of “Jobseeker agencies” whose role is to assist employers to provide “wageslavery” employment conditions, while manipulating unemployed people to accept pitiful pay rates.

Companies such as Woolworths and Coles are able to leverage wageslavery working conditions and Laissez Faire capitalist price hikes to pile on record profits annually.

More homeless and at risk of homeless people are having the #StateTerrorist DOCs insert itself unwanted and uninvited into families, stealing 100s of children in the process,on the basis of often scurrilous allegations made in courts where the evidence act does not apply. DOCs are able to gain #StateChildAbduction warrants with impunity, without the parents knowledge,and abduct new born children from 1st time mums.

Sydney Homeless Incoming on-the rise;

New people are identified daily, and at least 1 new demographic is currently being identified weekly. Sydney Homeless includes a small but growing number of self employed people, some of whom employ others. Income appears no barrier to homelessness with one person earning $3500 to $4000 per week (gross) unable to secure non hotel accommodation.

  • The main cause of Homelessness is inability to secure and sustain affordable housing, in the locations where people wish or need to live. In Sydney City,rent increases of 30% in last year combine with freely escalating retail prices and #wageslavery payscales to render accommodation an unaffordable luxury,even for some workers.
  • Slightly over 40% of homeless surveyed since December 1st 2009 are employed over 25 hours per week.Of these less than 5% use any identified homelessness or marginalised services.32% cite insufficient income to afford rental accommodation.More than 50% pay for nightly accommodation at least 1 night per week. Young people aged 14 to 22 in this category cited lack of rental history,inability to rent due to age, or other systemic barriers to renting in addition to insufficient nett earnings.
  • Over 40% gave gambling as a or the major contributor to their becoming or ongoing homelessness. About 50% who stated a gambling related issue also identified as low income. 75%Of the 40% stated that they had developed a gambling habit as a result of homelessness, most looking for a quick resolution to their financial problems.
  • Government domestic interference, including Police or Community Services orchestrated apprehended violence orders initiated 15% of homelessness. More than 50% cite social workers instigating partners complaint for financial or 3rd party reasons. 4 said they still pay household rent or mortgage on the home they were restrained from using.

Unquantified in the above description are the women and youth who share accommodation (and beds) motivated by a need to satisfy a housing problem, effectively,housing for sex. Many women tell of having left such a “relationship”, nobody talks about the “relationship” they are in. We know that Sydney has government sanctioned #wageslavery conditions well below the minimum livable income required for the region. We know that women are slightly overrepresented in the low income range.We know that many local women are also on Centrelink and not in Social Housing.Where are they??

Wilfully unquantified in this report are the significant numbers of homeless youth,children and families who cannot seek government help of any kind due to the clear and present risk of #stateabduction of their children. We work daily with families and youth providing assistance in avoiding #Stateterrorism of their families. To say that there is an explosion in Youth and Family homelessness would be an understatement. Government families focus is on cloning a breed of government subservient, accepting #wageslavery trained workers to be cycled as income generators between exploiter employers and Government NGOs, for the benefit of the NGO & business community. Rampant #Stateabduction of children is a huge factor driving marginalisation. NGOs and persons assisting #Stateterrorism of families must be targeted and eliminated by any means available in the interests of protecting our families children and communities from Anglo based Christian orchestrated #familyterrorism.

Warning to Youth & Social Workers You have chosen to work in a field where you are agents for Government #FamilyTerrorists DOCs. My children and familys youth have been instructed to incapacitate any “Youth Workers” or any adult who so much as puts a hand on them. They will not hesitate to do so to eliminate your terrorist threat to our persons, family and community. Our children are advised of the post Feb 24 2010 mandatory reporting obligations for health workers,professionals and teachers. In short,regrettably,these key community assets no longer enjoy the trust of our communities  – at any level.

Government #Fail to act on Homelessness Drivers.

  • Pariah Charities,Churches & NGOs;It’s time for Australian governments to end their cyclical empowerment of the myriad of primarily church based Parasite NGOs who callously use their positions to feed off the name of homeless and marginalised people. The relationship between State and Church and the role of these mainly church based NGOs advising governments of what is best for marginalised people is curious to say the least. The professed “knowledge” and “experience” of these pariahs can readily be seen in benefits to themselves.. but only rarely if ever in sustainable benefits to marginalised people. Federal & State Governments have a traceable 80 year history of consulting consorting and conspiring with these exploiters. ACOSS at federal level and NCOSS at NSW State are the peak lobby groups for the pariah industry. They do not represent homeless or marginalised people- they are the largely church based industry who reap millions of dollars annually, devising programs designed,not to benefit homeless and marginalised people, but to represent their own financial wellbeing. These organisations (relevant to homelessness) are Mission Australia, The Trustees of the Society of St Vincents De Paul (NSW) , Anglicare, Uniting Church, Uniting Care, Wesley Mission, Exodus Foundation.There are a myriad of smaller organisations which accept government funding in the name of homeless people who we only ever hear of at funding time.
  • End Wageslavery.  The bi-partisan political concept of “jobs” places large numbers of Australian workers in unsustainable, unlivable wageslavery positions. Nowhere is this more evident than in Sydney City Council Area. The minimum adult wage is currently $14.31 per hour ( –  2009 decision ).. before tax. A whopping $9-70 per hour after tax- thats just $388 per week. Many employers in Sydney CBD rely on this government generosity,perpetrated by the ex CEO of Mission Australia in his recent morphing as “Fair Pay Commissioner”. Among those noted for exploiting workers in Sydney City are McDonalds, Hungry Jacks, Woolworths, Coles.Many small businesses ranging from cleaning and hospitality services businesses pay unacceptably exploitative wages to staff. Wages paid to all workers must adequately reflect the reasonable costs of living,in the area where the job is.It is unreasonable for people to be expected to travel for unpaid hours per day,or live on the streets in order to live. Workers in Australia are legally constrained from using whatever means necessary to secure meaningful wage outcomes, and opposed in doing so by industrial strategists such as Prime Minister Rudds wifes old Ingeus company, who conspire with employers to create #wageslavery “Awards” for companies before any recruitment takes place.Workers whether with or without the union movement must take back the right to control their pay rates.
  • Immigration: Federal Government must end the racially selective immigration policy which allows UK “backpackers” carte-blanche in the Australian jobs market, intentionally undermining Australian pay rates. There is absolutely no reason why,for example, a major Sydney
  • Bank Regulation; As the rest of Australia buckled down to a period of Fair Pay Commission imposed wage austerity, Retail,commercial and Merchant banks increased their range of fees, foreclosed on properties, auctioned them on the cheap to related parties and realised boom profits on selling those properties in an orderly market. Thanks in no small part to Kevin Rudd using Taxpayer assets to underwrite Banks,the Australian Banking sector escaped the financial crisis of 09 unscathed and unregulated.The federal government must act to regulate the impunity with which banks can profiteer and engineer personal & business financial circumstances to banks advantage.
  • End Laissez Faire Price Gouging: In retail, residential rental and all commercial sectors businesses have the unfettered right to price gouge, extracting unfair profits from an unprotected exploited Australian public. Supermarket prices in Australia are now the worlds highest.While the world suffered depression, government applied a minimum wage freeze and there was a stutter in the skyward price spiral of Sydney Residential properties, Housing landlords increased Sydney rents by 30% plus, simply because they could.

Stop Residential Property Investment;

Government failure to regulate residential property values has resulted in a Real Estate industry driven, bank supported escalation in most Metropolitan property values; BUT, the areas which tend to be within the borrowing capacity of self employed, deemed “higher risk” by the wanker banker fraternity, are those poorly serviced outer urban belts, where property values rarely hold their value,and as last year,fall. Government needs to regulate residential property,to make this area unattractive for investors,pension funds and other pariahs. Homes not occupied by owners should incur a tax penalty,to encourage owners to divest and discourage new non owner occupier investment. The State (but not NGOs) should be exempted from such a tax.

Stop NGOs further marginalising the marginalised.(We are NOT income generators or #wageslaves )A bitter pill for all homeless to swallow is the fact that Federal Government, and particularly local MP,housing minister Tanya Plibersek , have callously determined to give in the main exploitative church run business focussed NGOs hundreds of millions of dollars to fund themselves in the name of assisting homeless people. The reality is that these funds resource and empower NGOs and government departments,while further disenfranchising our marginalised community. The Federal governments   of both Howard and Rudd have now demonstrated that for them we represent an opportunity to empower their friends, an exploitable proposition for #wageslavery employers, and an income generation resource for the likes of Kevin Rudds wife Therese Reins old Ingeus. While there is clearly a place for

  • “Training”:Must culminate in a universally recognised,not company specific,qualification. Such proposals need be linked to actual identified jobs,and partially or fully employer funded.
  • Jobs,must be sustainable for the worker “within the area in which work occurs.
  • Social Housing should be accumulated as a percentage of every development project in each State.Social Housing should be administered by local bodies (councils), not states.

We know of no NEW social or low-rent housing initiatives being developed in the Sydney City area. We are aware of diminishing social housing availability in the Rocks and Woolloomooloo, both high demand social housing areas. as Housing NSW seeks to rent homes previously used for social housing to the governments gentrified friends. The Redfern – Waterloo scam sees social housing being replaced by an “aged care” business run by NCOSS member Vinnies. Our understanding is that social housing stocks will be reduced in the area,and that new social housing will be let subject to draconian SAAP modelling, with significantly undermined occupier rights and the additional condition that a government spy service may collect data on you for government purposes.

At NSW State political level we have seen NSW Labor’s dirty tricks destroy the only decent homeless support organisation in Sydney- and fund serial Pariah Exodus Foundation to provide an abysmal replacement for those services, often serving inedible food in typical stingy church charity style quantities. By the end of this funding period,Exodus will have spent almost $150,000 hiring a clapped out old van from a church members business- money which could have been spent on better quality food. In the State Labor orchestrated debacle by which they siezed control of Just Enough Faith, Uniting Church brand Exodus Foundation were  given appropriate food transport vehicles (taken from JEF) for nothing. Exodus,for their own reasons chose to use a totally inefficient but camera-genic rented vehicle. Minister for Community Services Linda Burney has stated that her government will do nothing to maintain homeless people “in their unhygenic homeless state”. As Minister with responsibility for Callan Park, Kenneally had her own, development reasons for wanting to destabilise Just Enough Faith

Target State ministers are Kenneally, for her role as Minister responsible for Callan Park, where she helped destabilise the previous charitys leases- Kevin Greene for key role his Office of Liqour Gaming & Racing Played in destroying our homeless support organisation, and Linda Burney- who stated that ‘the government would not maintain homeless people in their current unhygenic State.

The Federal State Government strategy for housing homeless people starts with SAAP – an invasive spy network of NGOs whose role is to spy on those housed under this scheme. The NGOs spying role is also a marketing system which pays NGOs to recruit tenants for further programmes designed around the concept that ‘these people” are also “income generator units” who can be “spat out”the other end of the system as cheap malleable exploitable labour.The SAAP model offers “not quite” a full tenancy.The Residential Tenancies Acts at State level have been altered in recent years at the behest of NCOSS members who wish to taken away from SAAP tenants rights which the Residential Tenancy Act preserve for normal tenants. As well, housing & “social work” NGOs have the dual role of spying for DOCs, police or other government agencies while pretending to act in the tenants best interests- a disastrous cocktail for people and families of non-anglo ethnicity especially,but we are noticing significant numbers of disaffected “anglo-descendants” as well.

Federal and State governments have not considered as part of their “Road Home” or any other strategy, the drivers of homelessness, being uncontrolled retail prices (Australian Supermarkets rated most expensive in the world), rampant property value escalation driven by an unregulated bank driven Real Estate Sector, and heavily regulated #wageslavery work conditions, where workers pay among the highest tax rates in the world.

Its fair to say that with current and projected State and Federal government policies, there will be quantum increases in homelessness, family dissolutions and marginalization as the gap between personal income fails to keep pace with greed driven price increases. Unsustainable wages will simply drive more people to crime, out of necessity not choice. The “average wage” statistic bandied about by banker wankers is a distortion, being inclusive of a very few exploiters on salaries of tens of millions of dollars.The “minimum wages” which pariahs like Woolworths and Coles, McDonalds and Hungry Jacks can legally pay, is #wageslavery. In fact, we consider any income of less than $22 per hour in Sydney City unlivable and exploitative, and suggest people forced to work for such exploiters actively engage in safety campaigns,

How Governments can address homelessness:Despite Government rhetoric, The current Federal/State/NGO contrivance just commenced, is so doomed to fail that I support Tony Abbott in his election platform of terminating The Road Home.It is the part of any Coalition platform I do support. His rationale and alternate (do nothing ) are as abhorrent as his pronouncements on the Northern Territory intervention.


  • Direct Consultative Process:  The dynamics of Homelessness consultative processes (structured by government) are necessarily accommodating of NGOs, and intimidating, or requiring processes which few homeless people understand or have access to. The result, certainly in the Howard / Rudd government terms, has been that by and large, only NGOs and their peak bodies were heard, with perhaps a few NGO selected homeless to support their cases. In the Howard term, marginalisation policy was largely based on The McClure Report, authored by the then CEO of Mission Australia. The Howard Government, and to my knowledge Labor opposition, saw no conflict in Mission Australia acquiring millions of dollars of government service provider contracts as a result of The McClure Report.The Rudd Labor Government consulted with the same beneficial parties in defining “The Road Home” in relation to Homelessness.It can be said that current numbers of homeless and margin
  • Sustainable Incomes; Price Controls (Retail & Finance), Commercial Exploitation Regulation, Residential Property De-Commoditisation: An equal focus needs to be applied to stemming new marginalization and addressing existing cases. Within current government frameworks, it is inevitable that currently marginalized people will become more marginalized, and that “new marginalized”, being youth, immigrants, and “new marginalization demographics” being higher income people.
    • Sustainable Incomes: The Gap between cost-of-living and pay rates must be narrowed. Businesses should not be able to exploit legislated unsustainable working conditions as a means of driving profit.Workers should be justly and sustainably rewarded for their efforts. In the bi-partisan Federal current Industrial Relations and Social policy solutions are absent.The public are quietly being conditioned to accept #wageslavery rates and conditions, enabling obscene profits to accumulate in the controlling sectors of the economy. Many small business contractors and retailers are being placed in the same unsustainable economic position due directly to greed. Greed flourishes because the law enables subsidises and encourages it. Workers are legally constrained from effective means of securing better equity and conditions.
    • Price Controls: Residential Property rental and purchase must be made more affordable for Australians. Price control of all basic necessities and supply chain solutions to be regulated.Laissez Faire capitalism under both major parties has seen businesses derive record profits simply because they can charge extortionate prices.
    • Commercial Exploitation Regulation: Regulation of Personal Credit and purchase incentivisation.Particular focus on utilities and finance,but applicable as necessary to all business operations.
    • Residential Property de-commoditisation: This would be an investor penalty system, implemented via the tax office discouraging residential property as an investment strategy,in declared “housing critical” areas. Underlying objective of this tax framework would be to bring affordability back to the housing market for Australian “live in” homebuyers.Non Australian residents and ann non-person entities would be treated as investors.
  • The Federal Government must also roll back its The Road Home SAAP program, as the basis for all homelessness services. While there is an identified need in certain,limited circumstances, for SAAP there is no 1 size fits all solution. Many marginalized and homeless people are needlessly expensively and onerously provided with “support” services they do not want or need at the behest of NGOs whose priority is to use homeless people as income generators. The services do nothing to empower the person, and in fact disenfranchise many via the NGOs spying (Mandatory Reporting) role. Ethical questions of the “social workers” not notifying “clients” of their contractual and/or legal spying responsibilities remain unaddressed and a code of conduct needs to be developed requiring such “social workers” to give clients prior notice of all their data collection obligations,and how these may be used.The code of conduct could also be used to explain how SAAP Housing is treated differently under the Residential Tenancies Act.
  • Existing Accommodation Utilisation: Hotels and other accommodation service providers in “homeless hotspots” should be provided with tax based concessions to provide short-to-medium term accommodation for homeless. We already have arrangements in place with a very limited number of such providers (sans Tax) and are currently able to accommodate families with children under 12.On average,6 such families per night are accommodated, mostly for 1 to 2 weeks.This would not be difficult for Federal Government to leverage, with cost minimised as a reduction in Tax revenues collected. Such a program would be best facilitated by Federal Government Nationally, accessible via agencies or directly and delivered either via existing social service structures of identified local councils, or a National Call Centre.

Local Body: Local Bodies can and are best placed to manage homelessenss and marginalisation solutions within their local body area, via direct relationship with federal government. Legislation & supporting resources should be developed to ensure that local bodies take responsibility to ensure that appropriately priced residential accommodat

States: In NSW the State Government have in place the Homeless Protocol, a tool which identifies how various government departments should interact with homeless people. It appears to be carefully worded to provide a veneer of security to Homeless people, while enabling those government departments which are signatories to circumvent the protocol at will and with impunity. Police often ignore the protocol. Community/Childrens Services

We see no reason for State Governments to exist.

What we do:

Our work falls into 3 categories; Advocacy and Information, Preventative Relinking & Exit Strategies and Maintenance. Day to day work tends to prioritise Preventative relinking and Exit Strategies as in our view this is totally absent from government / NGO planning.

Scope: Our “On the ground Mission” is loosely conducted within the City of Sydney geographic area. We provide comfort resources to homeless individuals presenting and “sleeping out,” provide some short term accommodation solutions for familys (with children under 12) not engaged with government or NGOs, support young people to stay off the streets and in education and provide personal empowerment strategies for Homeless or Marginalised individuals and groups. We also advocate in the best interests of homeless and about to become homeless people, locally Statewide and Nationally.

Funding: We are NOT government funded and do NOT solicit or accept offers of financial support of any kind.

Organisations we work with:We partner and engage with businesses and individuals who are willing and able to resource our marginalised community, on a non tax / government supported basis.

We do not engage with or support State or Federal government supported programs or agencies as their structures are designed to move taxpayer funds into #wageslavery and/or volunteer organisations whose focus is on improving the revenues they accept in the name of marginalised people, while providing low quality minimalist services sufficient to comply with the paperwork of their government contractual arrangements. We do refer people on request to some services which provide non invasive, immediate services.

Tuesday 9 March 2010
Portside Centre Symantec House
207 Kent Street Sydney

The abovementioned time is the designated date for a “Consultative Workshop” under the auspices of FAHSCIA , a federal body.No outline of whom, in what capacity,from that or other bureaucracies or their partner NGOs, will be in attendance.There is no indication that a Rudd Minister will be in attendance.

We view the workshop as a further attempt to enhance the current demonstrably unsuccessful position government has taken on the advisement of NGOs, whose motivation is to increase their financial wellbeing.

After some consideration,we have decided to send a representative.

We will advocate for a Rollback of the SAAP program.

We will advocate for devolution from Church & Long-Term NGO structures to funded direct partnerships between marginalised communities community identified independent professionals.

We will advocate for stronger roles for local councils,with overarching federal government legislative support.