All Youth Families & Kids should know..

The Wood report into Childrens Services was constrained in its investigations of NSW Childrens Services to identifying how DOCS might be better protected. The worth or harm created by the Childrens & Young Persons ( Care & Protection) Act 1998 , the appropriateness of the Childrens Court System or the interaction between DOCs and other agencies was not questioned. The actual physical and psychological harm to Children Families and Communities of NSW & Federal Childrens “Care & Protection” legislation and its administering Kangaroo Court system were never questioned.

As a result Justice Woods recommendations provide that DOCs role becomes more prosecutory, using the same often baseless or scurrilous previous sources of information.

  • Police have been given a more direct invasive role and use it to push their anglofication agenda on other ethnic communities,especially aboriginal.
  • NGOs, particularly Youth and Childrens, have become the new DOCs, gaining or already having some measure of community confidence and NOT revealing their spying role or the potential consequences of their “mandatory reports” for kids, families and children. Of grave concern is that these organisations hold themselves forth as “social workers” – in reality, their organisations financial objectives are best met by maximising the involvement they (and partner NGOs) have in insinuating themselves into families who have more often than not done nothing wrong. These agencies should never be trusted. At the forefront is @OasisYSN who are believed to leverage multiple layers of financial advantage by prolonging Childrens Court proceedings in order to blackmail families to comply with their Salvation Army based philosophies,and maximise the number of partner NGOs who benefit from the “client” familys misery. @OasisYSN of course provide DOCs with the necessary info (often contrived) to keep families terrorised.
  • Advice to Kids / Youth (especially girls ) .. Have nothing  to do with youth workers,from any organisation. They collect info on you your families your friends, looking for ways to insinuate themselves into your family.Why did I say especially girls?? If in the future you have a baby, reports from these same “youth work” agencies form the “reasons” for taking your baby at birth and using the baby to blackmail you.We have multiple cases notified of this happening across NSW.If you are forced to speak to social workers, DOCs workers or other “professionals” insist on doing so with a lawyer present,or say nothing!!
  • Advice to Families. DO NOT seek solutions to your familys problems from Social Services organisations which are paid by government to interfere in your family and insert their christian anglocentric agenda into your life. Object to doing “training” for #wageslavery jobs? Thats another reason for taking your kids – you don’t want to work..according to government.Police Schools and DOCs have access to the Childrens Court system which assists them to persecute your family and children,while driving millions of dollars in government funding to in the main Xtian based NGOs.. trust none of them.
  • Having a baby? Go offshore.New Caledonia NZ ,Indonesia,Malaysia and Singapore all have preferable systems for your child and familys safety and security.Your children and family are not safe being born in Australian Hospitals due to DOCs invasive systems,and Kangaroo Childrens Court. We are developing an in depth offshore birth policy to protect Family & Children from Government #childstealing invasion.

additional info available soon….