Nothing for Families,Women,Kids

Since the demise of the reliable efficient and non judgemental Just Enough Faith foodvan service,there is now nowhere safe for kids families, women and the elderly to go for a nourishing hot evening meal in Sydney.

We cannot recommend the ex-JEF foodvan as either providing a safe or adequate eating fact its just being run to make money.

The many “Youth and Family Support Services” are DOCs paid mandatory reporters whose reports can be the basis for a litany of DOCs / Police conspired #childabductions or other insertions into family. If approached by these “Youth Worker” spies, Families and Youth should NEVER give names, and do whatever is necessary to protect your family or self from their unwanted invasion.

Young people.. before speaking to these people consider your younger brothers and sisters and the possibility that the information you give these spies will be used to exact #familyterrorism against your family.

Responsible people treat these “Youth Workers” and their agencies as they would be eradicated by all means necessary.