Foodvan Crisis;

We blogged earlier about Bill Crews & his Exodus Foundation being caught with their pants down over the Foodvan they acquired via illegal government siezure, for nothing.

Our enquiries to Exodus office have been met with threats,but silence regarding the van. The press officer contacted in the Attorney Generals Office “did not anticipate being in a position to comment on the issue,ever.”

Lets re visit the facts.

Some time,we believe in 2008, an allocation of $250,000 was made from an “off-the-books” fund to which NSW Labor politicians have access, for the purpose of eliminating Just Enough Faith from the Homeless services arena, and termination the organisations leases in Callan Park.

Our information is that these funds were used to incentivise an identified disgruntled Just Enough Faith volunteer to destabilise Just Enough Faith. This man, an ex merchant banker with political contacts had insinuated himself into JEF with the vision of corporatising JEF.When Jef Gambin blocked that vision,which was shared with Labor politicians, his and Just Enough Faiths fate was sealed.

July 2008. Government paid consultant executes brilliant media strategy, designed to destroy Just Enough Faith, the day before JEF were due to open their Dental Centre (and Jef Gambins birthday).

April 2009: NSW Labor Govts “Office of Liqour Gaming & Racing” insert administrator to “assess the viability” of Just Enough Faith.He immediately and irreversibly sets about dismantling the organisation.He flatly rejects many offers to “take over” or recapitalise Just Enough Faith as is and hands foodvan operations over to perennial pariah Exodus Foundation,including 2 Just Enough Faith vans.

April 2009: The main,purpose built Just Enough Faith Foodvan is not used.Instead, a substitute vehicle which Bill Crews later states costs $430 per day, is substituted.This vehicle does not have the capability to carry or serve adequate food as carried daily by Just Enough Faith.

May 2009: We commence campaign opposing the low quality food provided and the quantities.The Exodus service frequently runs out,even with the skimpy servings they provide.

June 2009: We understand the State Government gave Exodus Foundation a budget of $300000plus to deliver the foodvan service for 12 months,plus the resources transferred from Just Enough Faith.

October 2009: Exodus return original JEF Foodvan to service for 1 week,then report that it has been stolen. Mainstream media and Bill Crews radio show are used to get the message out.Curiously,no requests for reports of sightings,or vehicle description are circulated.Bill Crews publicly seeks donations to replace the van, publicly announces an insurance value of $50,000. We understand that at least part of this was provided by Blackmores Pharmaceuticals.

January 2010: We are informed by informant inside Exodus Foundation administration that the van has in fact been stored by Bill Crews at an undisclosed location,and that a government department have demanded its forthwith return.

Bill Crews Exodus Foundation paid nothing for this vehicle-in fact it was specifically donated by a donor who did not wish to support a Christian organisation.So you might say Bill Crews and his pariah Uniting Church based Exodus Foundation have done exceedingly well out of the deal.

Message to Bill Crews; You have been a parasite sucking money and resources from complicit governments and a gullible corporate and public donor base in the name of marginalised people. The services you deliver per dollar received, offer an unacceptably low return per dollar in services which marginalised people count as useful – and we see no value in your buildings or 50 plus paid staff.If the government departments which fund you find your services useful find value in your services,then it is their purposes,not ours which you work for.

I look forward to the demise of your organisation and the public acknowledgement of its role in preying off the marginalised in our society.

Footnote: we hope to be in a position to resolve the evening hot meals crisis for Sydneys Homeless soon…