@SydneyHomeless are seeing new evidence daily that the Federal Labor Government’s “The Road Home” may be working well for government bureaucrats and NGO funding purposes, it is NOT working at any meaningful level for homeless, at-risk-of-homelessness or other marginalised. Put simply, the equation of government legislated #wageslavery, supported by a pro-business anti-worker “Fair Work” arbitrator -while business in general, residential property and banks in particular have carte-blanche to run amok with ever escalating prices, will never be ingredients to decrease marginalisation.

The fact that ACOSS -NCOSS members and many other govt contractor NGOs view marginalised people as income generators accelerates homelessness-thats how these pariahs stay in business.These are the same pariahs who have enjoyed the attentive bipartisan ear of major party politicians for at least the last five decades-speaking on our behalf or selecting their trained puppets to speak for us.

To give this some perspective,The Sydney Anglican Synod, a major beneficiary of govt largesse,reported gambling (sorry,investment) losses last year,of $160million.Where did this money come from?Which donor KNOWINGLY gave them money to gamble?Nobody?Then where did it come from? Anglicare have among the lowest profile with the homeless community of the majors.We commend them for their honesty.What we do not know is how much Uniting,Salvation Army or The Catholic Church lost (or made) in the same period.Or where the money came from.

And Uniting Churches Exodus Foundation seem to continually find new lows to sink to in the service (or lack thereof ) they are paid by the State govt to provide. Food quality peaks at barely acceptable, they regularly run out and tonight they served some indescribable canned garbage,which most threw straight in the bin.

The JEF Foodvan, given to Exodus for nothing,was spotted in an Auction room by one of our contacts.This is the same van which Bill Crews told the papers,police and his radio show had been stolen.The same van we understand  he collected $50k in insurance for.We don’t know how much he collected in donations on the basis of the same van,but we know he called for donations.Somehow,somewhere along the way,the good money given by government and good people,seems to stick in the delivery pipes.On Bill Crews own statements,the “yellow monstrosity”he rents from a friend,a ten year old relic, will make his friend $150,000 this year in rent.Money raised in our name,paying another of Bills rorts.