Govt Food Collection:

Most people unacquainted with the poverty industry would assume that government funded collection of surplus food from businesses is a good thing.

The collections will be redirected exclusively to Government contractor or service provider NGOs and Charities,who will use it to further increase the “dollar retention” for the organisation. The aim is to cut off sources of food for homeless people which are not under government or pariah control.

Like everything else the government does, there is an ulterior motive.As usual they are empowering their friends at our expense. As usual, there are huge monetary benefits flowing ever upward,never in the direction of the target constituency.In this case, the objective is to deliver even greater income retention for the Pariah Charities. A cradle to the grave system of keeping people marginalised by speaking on their behalf, securing government and corporate funding, then ensuring that absolute minimum services are provided to marginalised people.

We ask businesses not to support these initiatives to disenfranchise marginalised people and empower NGOs, by placing our nutrition intake under their control.

A key component of this cynical strategy is food intake management. The Nazis at Auschwicz and Belsen-Breslau concentration camps were able to perform “live” experiments which defined the precise nutrition levels required to enable a person to perform certain tasks,but no more. I became aware of the use of this style of food management for Pariah business charity purposes in the 1970s, in an aged care setting, where the National Accounting CEO of a particular NGO happily described its use to manage costs,such as providing excursions. “Using these food provision strategies, our patients are now content to sit i a chair all day,no longer asking for outings and other extra expenditures.The trick is to find the nutrition value which keeps them alive,but undemanding and inactive.”