Advocating Safe Youth Alcohol Use -Not Prohibition

Rudd wants drinking age lifted to 21 (Why not 81?)

Kevin Rudd panders to his Xtians who would like to impose their hypocritical morality on us all, in raising the drinking age to 21. His apparent issue is with alcohol related deaths in traffic accidents.Why not ban cars? Clearly, there are many alcohol fuelled undesirable incidents perpetrated by people in all age groups. It is no accident that the intersection of legal access previously prohibited alcohol, and unfortunate or even fatal incidents involving alcohol will closely track that age, whatever that age may be. There is simply no science or logic to suggest that any particular age brings with it a sudden ability to absorb and deal with the effects of alcohol, when the person has previously abstained.Ability to judge responsibly is best developed in a supportive environment,where parents or other responsible non government parties are able to moderate behaviour on the rare occasion when it is necessary.

As a child many years ago, we used to get beers and drink by our river under a bridge- at eleven. Our deputy principal found us there at about 2a.m. one morning, loaded us and our alcohol into his car, and took us to his house.”Drink here” he said, instead of the lecture we were expecting.He went to bed.

This man was applauded for his stance by the majority of the community, but castigated by a small Xtian financial self appointed elite. He was suspended from teaching and investigated by education authorities, and eloquently defended his principles- stubbornly continuing his personal policy of providing a safe place for local youth to experiment with alcohol, at his home. Prudish education authorities forsook the opportunity to support development of responsible alcohol use education. Already ineffectual “Child Protection” authorities confused advancing Xtian hypocrisy with our best interests. This man stood his ground, supported by the more enlightened parents of our community and respected by many more.

This man taught my parents that kids will experiment with alcohol, so long as alcohol is sold.He also taught me that lawmakers often have ulterior motivations for their legislation,and that those motivations are usually to serve a small powerful elite who impose themselves on the community.He could easily have been part of that self  appointed elite, but chose not to.

He also had 7 children, who today are the regional leadership group in the region.One daughter is the local Member of Parliament. His children were brought up the same way.

I have 11 children.Ages 33 down to 2.All have been raised with the house adage “You want a beer? Its in the fridge. Just like butter or chocolate,both of which have undesirable health consequences when over consumed.Its there.Use it.Don’t abuse it.Other alcoholic beverages are freely available. There is no mystery for them.When They want to have a party in their early teens, they can bring their friends over–other parents are always told our house rules.They are allowed in,but once drinking,not allowed out until the next day.My children and their friends also know that if any of their friends are out “smashed” and need to they can be brought over to recover.

None of my children,and few of their friends have so far developed alcohol related problems.None have been involved in alcohol related incidents in public places.

We know one young girl, not from our community, who spent her short youth in a lifestyle where kids were forced to do their experimental drinking outside the privacy of parental control. The effect of Government and Policing policies in Sydney particularly, and for the rest of Australia, forces kids who do not have parental support on the issue, to place themselves in often dangerous public situations, or drink in hidden locations.The twofold danger of drinking in hidden locations are predatory and geophysical.This young girls life suddenly ended as a result of the geophysical dangers.   ( Teen dies after fall from Coogee cliff ) ( Codys You Tube Memorial ) ( Cody Dead at 16 SMH ) ( Bebo Tribute RiiPCodyDawson ) ( – Profil de R.I.P COdy Dawson LILBONDIMAFIA )

This girl was pushed to her death by a government which makes it illegal for parents to host alcohol parties for “under-aged” teens, and authorities who persecute teens and families for not complying with their out of step laws.

I would say do away with licensed premises age limits all together,but that won’t happen in this prudish anglo-xtian centred society.Too many financially powerful lobby interests want to maintain the status quo.

A final thought.How many of these teens are on Ice? Cocaine? They are all freely available from the same places your children know to go to get alcohol away from safe family based control – as are the means for your teen to earn the money to pay for it.

Please cast your vote in the News Poll. I urge you to vote “No” for Responsible Youth exposure,not yes for prohibition. Vote at bottom of article.

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