The Telegraph, the paper which perpetrated the government inspired campaign of lies which destroyed Just Enough Faith is from the same News Ltd stable as US Fox News. It may surprise some that this media conglomerate actually prosecuted and won the right to lie to its readers in the USA.

The Telegraph obviously has no compulsion to tell the truth here in Sydney.

Sydney Homeless people would very much like to know WHY the editor of this paper was so keen to hound Just Enough Faith into oblivion, on the basis of scurrilous allegations which to this day are totally unsubstantiated.

Our Homeless Community, which has suffered an abject loss of services due to the Telegraphs mischiefmaking, is now concerned that the same paper chooses to completely ignore the Fraud perpetrated by Exodus Foundation in relation to the Just Enough Faith van which they acquired for free. Why is this self appointed charity sheriff suddenly disinterested in either following up on the Just Enough Faith travesty it perpetrated, nor in reporting on the crook who has rorted the public in the name of homeless and marginalised people for over a decade??