Check Sydney Homeless Charity Ratings to assess the effectiveness or otherwise of your cash charity donation. Check back regularly as this page will be continually updated.


  • Exodus Foundation, a Pariah business attached to the Uniting Church, under the control of Media Preacher and Government darling Bill Crews. This Business-Charity uses its special relationships with government, media and churches to raise resources, while providing token services to be seen (by observers) to be useful.They have high paid staff ratios and are understood to pay #wageslavery rates.Many staff and volunteers leave disenchanted and disillusioned, finding that the substance does not match the hype. Homeless and Marginalised people in Sydney are extremely disappointed with the miserable and vaccilating standard of service obtained from this organisation in its short, NSW government funded, tenure of the once premium JEF Foodvan site.
  • Oasis YSN; Primarily a government spy service, dedicated to exploiting and reporting on youth for its own financial gain. A sub brand of Salvation Army(see below).
  • Salvation Army. Shifted in the past decade from being a mainstay emergency services provider to being a part of a pariah network which exploit marginalised people for financial gain.
  • Mission Australia;  The then CEO of Mission Australia authored “The McClure Report” upon which the Howard Coalition and subsequently Rudd Labor Governments, businesses and Pariah NGOs have based their business with marginalised people. Along with Therese Reins Ingeus/Work Directions Australia, this organisation reaped tens of millions of dollars per annum by helping employers to pay exploitative, #wageslavery rates to marginalised Government compelled users of its services.The Howard Government saw no conflict of interest in the arrangement and later positioned CEO McClure as “Fair Work commissioner-ensuring continued wageslavery benefits to employers.

In Sydney we have the following recommendations:

St Vincent de Pauls (NSW)  Night Patrols: Night Patrol provides an essential homeless peoples service and is staffed by a minimal core of paid staff, a large pool of volunteers and an excellent Youth Social Justice Program, operating out of Catholic Schools.Were it not for the Night Patrol Service, Vinnies would be on the Pariah Charity list.We recommend corporate support of transportation solutions, group volunteer support and donations of Food items.

WE DO NOT ENDORSE ANY OTHER VINNIES SERVICE and especially ask NOT to support Matthew Talbot Hostel, a serial pariah business of SVDP taking tens of millions per annum in the name of Homeless people.