In this landmark case, a father is found guilty of “Not sending his children to school”. Father Stated that children, aged 14 and 15, did not want to. Apart from the moral dilemma of parents being forced to send their children “where they do not want to go”, there is the legal duplicity that the father may also be charged with “forcing his children against their will” if he forced them to go to school and they chose to complain to Childrens Services. It does get worse.The case is heard in the Childrens Court system, where, like Guantanamo Bay, the evidence act does not apply. At federal and State levels so called Childrens Services Laws and departments are so invasive, Anglo-Christian focussed that if I saw an official of that system being killed, I would do nothing to stop that happening. The Childrens Court Systems at State and Federal levels are really no more than kangaroo courts, and the focus of their empowering legislation is to disenfranchise traditional ethnic and non-christian families and communities while enabling and empowering invader primarily christian NGOs to profit from inserting themselves in place of families.

Today anyone who works with children is a “mandatory reporter” a spy for childrens services. This includes childcare workers, teachers and all health professionals.The dilemma for these professionals is that they personally risk substantial fines by not reporting, yet know that they lose the confidence of large sectors of their constituent community by being mandatory reporters.The reports, submitted in secret, can and are regularly twisted by malicious Childrens Services workers. Wide sections of the community along particular ethnic lines loathe and despise every aspect of The Childrens Court,Childrens Services and their Anglophile Christocentric agenda. In the past 2 years many young mothers have had their babies taken from the hospital at which they were born, on the basis of allegations made by agencies who have a vested interest in having the child placed in care- they reap the substantial government fees for “rehabilitating’ the family. A good example is Salvation Army based serial reporter Oasis YSN, which then collects the rehabilitation fees.Its nice to be in a position of being trusted by the young innocent parent while spying for the government, and providing reports which keep your income rolling in.

Families need to take back control from the government,not by lying down like subservient dogs to the command of mindless imbeciles, but by standing up – violently if necessary- and claiming back our rightful social position which government and churches conspire to steal.

As a parent,your first and last responsibility is to your children and family- not to pariah government.Sieze back your rights.