Exodus Foundation Rort Exposed

As homeless people at the old JEF foodvan site continue to be given morsels in line with apparent church style loaves and fishes policy (Good grief,thats what Exodus call their FoodHall in Ashfield,and no wonder!!) information just to hand is that the van (which Exodus acquired from Just Enough Faith for free thanks to their NSW Labor Party friends) which Bill Crews told the media & all at the foodvan site had been stolen, was actually being hidden by Exodus Foundation. A reliable source who contacted us on condition of anonymity has outlined that a government department(not OLGR) has demanded its return.

We have always believed that Bill Crews use of the 5-7 year old van supplied by http://www.yellowwagon.com.au was a rort. We believe that the owner is a member of Bill Crews church congregation. Bill Crews media and public statements that this van cost $430 per day to rent, point to at the best outrageously poor governance, or a rort. We contacted a truck leasing company who opined that they would supply a vehicle of comparative size NEW, fitted to our requirements, for $1400 per week maximum. That left a whopping $1600+ per week which Exodus would have had available to provide a better standard of food.

Heres what Bill Crews told The Daily Telegraph http://bit.ly/bPjSGm published Oct 24 2009 ( Tele). We understand that his radio programme carried solicitations for $50,000 , but curiously no details such as the vans rego number, which would enable Joe Public to “stumble upon” it. We thought at the time that Bill Crews had ordered it scrapped- well we were wrong and admit it.We simply didn’t think Bill Crews was stupid enough to pull an insurance and fundraising rort centered on the van being stolen, yet retain posession of it.It seems we were wrong on that too.

Referring to the unsubstantiated allegations made, we understand, by a person paid to make such allegations against Jeff Gambin and Just Enough Faith: These allegations alone caused the demise of Just Enough Faith.They have not been substantiated. We are calling for the full and immediate unconditional restoration of Just Enough Faith by the Office of Liqour Gaming and Racing, and reparations for the damage done to that organisations reputation by NSW Labor governments self serving actions.

On the subject of rorts, Just Enough Faith made a 17 year commitment to provide wholesome nourishing hot meals to the Sydney Homeless community.Not once were homeless people rorted, or denied a wholesome meal, at Just Enough Faiths service. The stinginess which Bill Crews brought to bear on Sydney homeless people underscore the fact that he is in the business of making money-and using marginalised people to do so. That is almost as low as you could go.

But on the subject of the now not missing van, Bill Crews sunk to new lows– his organisation have been blaming a man who worked for them as caretaker for stealing it… when they knew it had not been stolen.

An email alerting Police & Office of Liqour Gaming & Racing to possible fraudulent fundraising activity in relation to this incident has been sent.