WELL SPOKEN!!!The arrogance of telling homeless people to ‘go eat a can of baked beans, ) as if we somehow dont derserve the same dignity as everyone else to have CHOICES, and variety! YOU DONT DERSERVE A HOUSE, YOU DONT DESERVE FOOD, NEXT IT WILL BE CLOTHING, OH THATS RIGHT, WE ARE PRICED OUT OF THAT TOO NOW THE GOOD CHRISTIAN CHARITY SHOPS HAVE ALL GONE CORPORATE WITH SALES TARGETS.
Adisgraceful and pitful relection on how society trets marginalised people. If ever anyone lived up to true christian principles it was Jef and Aliana, one day I turned up to the van and he gave me a wad of cash to help with the costs of medicine for my toddler, the following week he had toys, blankets clothes- 3 huge bags of stuff, then sent some voluteers to send regular meals to my home so I wouldnt have to take her out in the cold during winter.
I gave back and volunteered when I was on my feet. I WILL NEVER FORGET JEF.

And the exodus foundation would do the same???? The whole reason I went to Jef is that he is a person who helps RESTORE DIGNITY. I never set foot in any of the corrporate organisations, because they make you feel like a parasite for asking for help and even then with the millions of tax free dollars they get, people like me have only seen crumbs.
It is critical when youre doing it tough to have an extremely well BALANCED AND NUTRITIOUS diet to keep yourself healthy. Jef understood the needs of homeless people intrinsically, and respected them. I’ll never forget the xmas parties either? Wondering if the exodus foundation will put on the 500kg of prawns, 3 different roasts for everyone? Its a farce JEF is being investigated . Proof of his good works and everyone involved are well known. Its discracefull,….
but onwards you go,…… good little christain soldiers,.. who seem to know whats best for the people, not even caring to know or get down and be very hands on amongst us….for that you ‘do-gooders’ are dispised. The difference between your ‘help’ and JEFS is incomparable. …Jef is someone we’ll never forget. Im so sad to find all this has happened, I was trying to find out when the xmas party was….well all thats gone, a sad xmas for the homeless indeed, yes i’d rather my can of baked beans than food rations at some pitiful location that recieves trillions in funding but dishing up minimlist fare….not interested. I recieved my hamper last year with expired food/homebrand/secondhand broken toys from one of the major charities, it just made me even more depressed and demoralised. they really shouldnt have bothered. Im sure the CEOS got thier million dollar bonuses for thinking up thier ingenious way of screwing over the poor further….