The Highlight of the year for many Sydney homeless & marginalised people is missing this year-stolen by apparatchiks of the NSW State Labor Government, its Merchant Banker bed buddies and pariah charity-business Exodus Foundation, an offshoot of the Uniting Church.

The Just Enough Faith Christmas Party has been a tradition and event unmatched for at once raising homelessness awareness, keeping the marginalised community networked, and rewarding the dedicated sponsors volunteers and supporters who “made it happen” for those down on their luck. Jef and Alina Gambin finessed the fine art of making it all happen across the socio-economic spectrum, finding common ground between the States wealthiest and the most disadvantaged… putting hope optimism and happiness in the oft empty spaces somewhere inside the hearts or minds of the socially disadvantaged.

The Just Enough Faith Christmas party took many forms over the years, eventually settling into a marquee centred event in Callan Park. One year, they hired the Overseas Passenger Terminal,now part of Barrangaroo. Catering that year was provided by several 5 star hotel restaurants.Impressive!!!

When the Christmas party eventually found its way to Callan Park, it was home.Put simply, you can’t improve on perfection. Jef Gambin had the uncanny knack of picking the “day of the deluge” months in advance. We understand that the building and farming industries would both eagerly seek out the date of the next JEF Christmas party months in advance, and do their forward planning on the basis that it would rain that day.

Many JEF Christmas Parties were held in teeming rain.A seemingly endless convoy of buses would pluck cold wet and bedraggled derros delinquents and desperadoes from the desolate anonymity of the streets and deliver them in semingly endless streams to the comparative comfort and conviviality of Christmas Jef Style.

Food – oh yeah, I almost neglected to mention, always an exceptional smorgasbord, prepared to perfection, by what must truly be an orchestrated army of goodwill givers.Always a welcome selection of seafood,delightful desserts and assorted afters.

Always a band playing, most times many and an orchestra of laughter: the spontaneous combustion of a thousand warm conversations igniting to illuminate this truly wondrous event.

Sydney Homeless may never see another. Certainly not under the stewardship of the current pariah NGOs who masquerade as charities,milking millions annually in their name.

  • Mission Australia -architect of marginalisation Australia wide via The McClure Report, by its then CEO Patrick McClure.McClure was awarded the AO for putting in place the  mechanisms to ensure #wageslavery endures to the benefit of his corporate friends.He is now a Commissioner for the Fair Work Commission ensuring workers never get a Fair Go,and gets our vote as public enemy number one. DO NOT SUPPORT MISSION AUSTRALIA who continue to exploit marginalised children, families, welfare recipients, mentally ill,marginalised and elderly. DO NOT SUPPORT THEIR PARENT ANGLICAN CHURCH. They accept government contracts to exploit the aforementioned then double dip by getting volunteers and #slavelabor work for the dole participants to do the work AND solicit corporate / retail donations.Don’t be conned into supporting a Pariah. MISSION AUSTRALIA is a MANDATORY REPORTER organisation, and has spying obligations to family destroyer specialist agency NSW Community Services ( the infamous DOCS ).
  • Exodus Foundation; Run by consummate fundraiser in the name of the marginalised Bill Crews, the parasite Exodus Foundation conspired with merchant banker John Oliver and State Government to engineer the demise of Just Enough Faith. Exodus Foundation’s role in the demise of JEF has been to accept government payments to provide a “replacement” foodvan service, minimising adverse public reaction to State Government’s draconian siezure and destabilisation of Just Enough Faith.Thinking of donating or volunteering?? Please consider:The current foodvan service they provide on government contract in Sydney is a calculated cynical and callous plot   Exodus is well supported by the big end of town,by people such as John Singleton, due to its “marginalisation out of Sydney” strategy so beloved by property developers and government. Adherents to this school of thought articulate that “marginalised people are happier in the area out of Sydney,where everything is cheaper for them. In truth they see Sydney City as “theirs” and have the perception that their often extensive property holdings values will rise proportionate to the number of marginalised people who leave.EXODUS FOUNDATION is a MANDATORY REPORTER organisation, and has spying obligations to family destroyer specialist agency NSW Community Services ( the infamous DOCS ).
  • OasisYSN. Oasis are a leading parasite, family invader and long time collaborator with the anti family child stealing & exploitation division of NSW Government known as DOCs. These vultures have recently been notified to us as parties of interest in 4 babies being taken at birth from their young mothers. These bastards tell youth and kids that everything they discuss with Oasis Staff is confidential.IT IS NOT!!! THESE LYING BASTARDS are paid spies for DOCs. They are also paid far in excess of what parents are to “case manage” or “look after’ kids. The kids Oasis social workers drop off to their dealers today are the ones who have their babies stolen,on the advice of Oasis,when they are born. In one case we have been following,Oasis continue to insert themselves as “mothers advocate” when the case originated from one of their mandatory reports to DOCS. My children are waiting to be accosted by these evil bastards and will respond with the force necessary and appropriate, as they would any other contagious disease or threat.Special mention to the Internet bus,which is staffed by an arrogant pig loving fat little jerk who loves interfering with kids lives- my kids are particularly waiting for him. Do Not donate to these evil money grubbers.
  • Salvation Army, ANGLICARE are others who do less damage but are multimillion dollar businesses.
  • St Vincents de Paul.It would be on our pariah list, in particular for its Matthew Talbot and Ozanam programmes which we DO NOT ENDORSE in any way.They are cynical cold calculating money making businesses who treat homeless people with absolute contempt.WE DO ENDORSE VOLUNTEERING FOR THEIR NIGHT PATROL VAN SERVICE.
  • Haymarket Clinic: WE ENDORSE,with advisement of Mandatory reporting for youth and parents or intending parents.
  • ST CANICES (Kings Cross) WE ENDORSE.
  • The Station Ltd. The ONLY fully government funded organisation we almost fully endorse.Our only drawback is the age limit restricting youth,which may have the intent of freeing them of our other complaint, which again is the family destroying mandatory reporting.

And the Grinches who conspired to steal Christmas are

Bill Crews-Exodus Foundation

John Oliver-ex Babcock & Brown merchant banker who wanted to run JEF & conspired to destroy it when he couldn’t.

Kevin Greene- Minister for OLGR NSW Labor Govt

Linda Burney-Minister for DOCs, NSW Labor Govt

Kristina Keneally Minister for Infrastructure & Planning (now NSW Premier) NSW Labor Govt.

Peter Rees- implicated only in his capacity as premier via his failure to prevent NSW Govt acting illegally.

These people deserve to be treated with the utmost contempt for destroying the only decent homeless and marginalised free hot meals service in Sydney. If I ever see ANY one of them in ANY form of trouble or distress I will leave them there.