Police picking up minors who are drunk (and perhaps disorderly) is a community expectation. However, this instance is another disturbing instance of police delivering justice or persecution by postcode. We have had 2 sets of parents from Sydneys affluent Eastern Suburbs drive into the city tonight(with their still intoxicated siblings) to contact us, in an effort to reach the parents of other children picked up tonight with their kids.These still distressed kids tell of being part of a group of eight juveniles picked up for drunkenness.These two,and one other received a warning & were returned to their parents at their upmarket homes. 5 of the 8,who live in housing commission areas at Millers Point & Woolloomooloo were taken into “protective custody.” All of the kids in question are known to our youth wing, but not known as drinkers or drug abusers-they are regular patrons of youth hangouts. The pattern is familiar.Kids from affluent euro backgrounds and their families are spared the persecution,because police know parents are more likely to be in an informational and economic position to access appropriate legal resources to combat the legal heavyweights persecutory government agencies have at their fingertips via the government controlled Department of Public Prosecutions. Police & Community Services have their additional and vast resource networks.Despite constant cries from both of these persecutory departments of inadequate resources one should remember that the resources at their disposal are often an insurmountable obstacle to justice for the often economically and informationally marginalised people and families whom police target.

The furphy of legal aid availability should in no way be seen as providing justice parity.Legal Aid lawyers are restricted in the style of defence they might mount, legislatively,and by the scant funding resources available. The unfortunately named “Child Protection” legislation is in fact more about protecting the government department formerly known as DOCs. In the past 2 years, DOCs interference and stealing of children, of mainly aboriginal and non-anglo ethnicity has increased over 20%. It is no coincidence that in the same time period, funding to “carer” organisations, including many christo-centric church subsidiaries has increased.We are witnessing a state-church orchestrated community terrorism agenda, aiming to subjugate the populace under the domination of purile anglo-christian based “morality”, orchestrated via parliament & implemented by all government agencies and their NGOs. It is apartheid in all but name-the forcible assimilation of ethnic & indigenous family values, for the benefit and of and exploitation by anglos and christians. Like aids and H1n1, it is an abomination & a disease worth fighting by all means necessary