Standout observation of the night is the racial selectivity with which police apply their promoted “crackdown”. Groups of peaceful arabic appearance youth & young adults asked to disperse because they are viewed by police as threatening.Even larger groups of loud drunken european backpacker types with alcohol in hand walk by unnoticed, unchallenged.4 aboriginals seen on George St,proof that State eradication efforts are still unsuccessful.The fact that ALL were alone, and ALL were accosted by police,proof that state eradication is still being applied.

Asian lady has her handbag snatched by kids near Market & George.Our Youth wing retrieve handbag and give kids money.Police,about 30m away, do nothing-may have missed it completely.Youth wing report police hiding in bushes in Hyde Park, arresting people for urinating in public-police should be arrested as perverts.

Some Homeless camps report increased police harassment-others report a good rapport. Still a

This whole multinational police operation is another PR exercise from a group of taxpayer funded, racist government departments whose aim is to impose Christian based anglo values on a society that is subservient to them -FUCK THAT!! We are subservient to no one!!