Prime Minister Rudd,for all his rhetoric, is proving time and again to be a Howard in red clothing- as duplicitous and old world conservative, pro business and anti-marginalized.

Virtually unnoticed by the mainstream media is Rudds masterful manipulation of the liberal leadership debacle, to ensure that he does not have a sound policy to take to Copenhagen-backed by legislation. Instead, he can blame the recalcitrance of lead climate change denier and “convert of convenience” Abbott.The Rudd agenda first became glaringly obvious at CHOGM. Rudd, who has previously sought the spotlight and made herculean efforts to be seen to be at the forefront of climate change policy leadership, was almost a silent participant-despite the presence of Ban Moon & Rasmussen to leverage a positive climate agenda.While these non commonwealth leaders hogged the limelight, Rudd carefully avoided the spotlight and controversy, allowing Australian media to beat up on Turnbull.The apparent irony is that Turnbull in charge of the ever shakier coalition represented the best chance Rudd had of getting his climate change legislation through the senate- a forlorn hope under neanderthal denier Abbott,without significant further concessions which would render the legislation useless-or even less useful than the current version which exempts farmers completely and heavily subsidises miners.

We believe that Rudd has been ingenuine regarding his professed climate commitment,and was desperately seeking an escape from his commitments. If this were not the case, Rudd would have easily stifled the media frenzy surrounding Liberal leadership to ensure Turnbulls support in the crucial senate vote.To do so he need only have made a strong statement in support of Rasmussen’s agenda.He didn’t.