Federal Aboriginal Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin is expected to announce today that the Northern Territory Intervention will apply to all of the Northern Territory,and eventually to all Australian welfare recipients.

The furphy of this policy is what John Howard erroneously described as mutual obligation.In fact,mutual obligation had previously been satisfied-when you work,you pay taxes,when you don’t you get benefits-That is mutual obligation.End of Story.Anything more is an extra obligation.

To co-operate with this draconian regime is to lie down ready to be kicked,and ready to thank the kicker.Will you do that, or will you join us in opposing this injustice.

Sydney Homeless suggest that claimants should WALK AWAY from dependency on welfare-but not into slave labour employment, where rates will not sustain you,or conditions are draconian.Claimants should do whatever is necessary to survive.

Of course ACOSS and its church based members will,along with those now occupying the management contracts previously held by Prime Minister Rudds wifes company Work Directions Australia,will be ecstatic.Government church and their allies will have put in place another of building block in their dehumanising cradle to the grave control of the countries marginalised, generating huge extra revenue streams for ACOSS members and NGOs alike. This action will give a church based or other NGO the right to tell you what you should do with your money,and where you should spend it.

Sydney Homeless can confidently predict that claimants will abandon the welfare system in droves, and NOT for the slave labour “jobs” on offer.Instead, marginalised people will be forced into crime. Brothels and Drug distribution networks will doubtless be rubbing their hands with glee.

For marginalised people,when the options are income management or slavery versus crime, the choice is quite obvious.

It is now clear that the Rudd government is little more than a Howardesque hogget dressed as prime lamb.This expansion of the intervention to the general populace,after using NT aboriginals as guinea pigs, has a precedent in Howards policy deployment.Workchoices was originally rolled out in the same way,branded as CDEP.

Sydney Homeless @SydneyHomeless on Twitter have been a vocal opponent of the intervention and its side detriments.

Sydney Homeless call on Unions, particularly in industries with high incidences of rollover, and all marginalised to immediately join Northern Territory aboriginal people in opposing the NT intervention and its spreading like a cancer to the rest of the country, in the following manner.

  • Call for an immediate general wage rise,supported by work to rule and go slows.No strikes.
  • Call for a Month of Protest; a freeze on all rent and mortgage payments,to be extended indefinitely,until ALL our desired results are implemented.
  • Call for abandonment of all personal,business and car loan repayments.
  • Boycott of all ACOSS & Job Network members-they are the people who conspired behind closed doors with the federal government on this policy.