Homeless and Marginalised Public Enemy no 1

Patrick McClure;AO

author of The McClure Report

Commissioner of the Australian Fair Pay Commission

Qualifications: Master of Arts (Public Policy),Bachelor of Social Work (Distinction),Diploma in Theology and Pastoral Studies.

ex Franciscan Monk (10 years) resigned

ex CEO of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (NSW/ACT)1992-96

ex CEO of Mission Australia from 1997 – 2006

ex Chairperson of the Australian Government’s Reference Group on Welfare Reform

ex Deputy Chairperson of the Welfare to Work Consultative Forum

ex Member of the Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership Board

ex Member of the Prime Minister’s Mature Aged Taskforce

ex Member of the Federal Government Board for a New Tax System.

ex CEO of the Retirement Villages Group-Macquarie Capital Group.

The notable common thread to ALL positions held by McClure is further marginalisation of the marginalised,in the interests of corporate and NFP sector income generation.You might say that The McClure Report,basis of Labor and Coalition marginalisation policy, is the blueprint for huge taxpayer rewards being paid to NGOs using marginalised people as income generators,from the cradle to the grave.

The Howard government saw no conflicts in awarding Mission Australia huge financial benefits,largely on the basis of The McClure report,which was written for that government while McClure was CEO of Mission Australia. Therese Rein, wife of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd,was another major beneficiary of McClure policies via her old company Work Directions Australia. Employers seeking to pay exploitative wages and lower working conditions and workplace safety standards have been significant beneficiaries of McClure manipulations, a service to employers which Patrick McClure is well positioned to continue in his current position of  Commissioner of the Australian Fair Pay Commission– ensuring continuity of slave labour wages.