Tonight,Bill Crews attempted and failed to justify his collusive takeover of Just Enough Faith,by attacking a group of volunteers who had previously been a long term part of the Just Enough Faith organisation,and who,since its NSW Govt/Exodus Foundation orchestrated demise, have continued to provide voluntary services which benefit Bill Crews pariah charity Exodus Foundations core fundraising activities.

Bill Crews seemed to be upset that anyone would dare to query his rosy coloured version of events.Put simply Bill Crews version glosses over the fact that despite the exorbitant amounts of funding employed, the quality quantities and range of hot  food served is reminiscent of the meager fare ACOSS members are noted for, and a bland unreliable substitute for the nutritious variety available nightly from Just Enough Faith.

Again,we urge all prospective donors and volunteers



Addressing News Ltd inaccuracies;

Yet another “rant” from SydneyHomeless.According to News Ltd “journalist” Joe Hildebrandt ( ) we are a propaganda front for “The now defunct” Just Enough Faith.Hilderbrandt was able to make this assertion without once bothering to contact us,( )begging the question of just how balanced his/her articles are? Did this apology for a journalist bother to contact Jef Gambin at all,or was the word of consummate marginalised community pariah Bill Crews enough?The article repeats the News Ltd line and lie that Just Enough Faith went bankrupt ( ASIC Free Company Name Search  Just Enough Faith, still registered).One minor mistake like this is forgivable, if you forget that multiple parties,including ourselves and,we understand counsel representing Mr Gambin contacted News Limited via email & phone pointing out the error.The fact that News Ltd continued to publish such untruths brings into question not only the integrity of the newspaper and journalists involved, but “why would they wilfully perpetrate such untruths as news?? If this is the quality of news across the News Ltd network, then Microsoft’s efforts to “enhance” their BING search engine by buying News Ltd content may be in vain.

The errors in the November 13th article don’t stop there.The article tarnishes Just Enough Faiths proud reputation as a non-faith based charity ( ),by holding Just Enough Faith out to be Christian based.The article misrepresents that Bill Crews used the Just Enough Faith van as a foodvan.In fact he has used the yellow monstrosity he has apparently said he was “forced to hire to replace the stolen van” for all but the week prior to its alleged theft.

This supposed journalist also demeans the post”on the site which isn’t there anymore” enquiring as to whether anyone had suffered food poisoning.Its a valid question, from our perspective.If there have been any cases of food poisoning at any facility which feeds the homeless,we would like to know about it-and I’m sure City & State Health authorities would also like to know.

The article states that Exodus had to hire security guards because of unruly or unsavory opponents of their takeover. They would have met scant opposition if they had but maintained food quality,as per Just Enough Faiths service.You don’t improve a service by diminishing it and expect people to take it or leave it-especially when you do it so you can divert revenue. The other source of controversy from the homeless perspective has been the attitude of Exodus staff towards homeless people.

SydneyHomeless position;

Our position is as previously stated.We are the Homeless people whom Bill Crews and his millionaire media-fundraising circus never consult, but predetermine amongst themselves how exactly they can use our names to generate massive incomews for their businesses which masquerade as charities. Our aim is to ensure that services for homeless people of the quality provided by Just Enough Faith remain as the standard in Sydney City,and that affordable accommodation is available and accessible in the Sydney City areas where homeless people want to live.Sick of vultures in government departments manufacturing multimillion dollar deals with pariah charities and NGOs,in our name,without consultation,we decided to speak for ourselves.

We oppose all alliances between government and church based charities which for decades have conspired and contrived to obtain and spend millions of dollars annually(from taxpayers & donors) in our name, but on resources and consultancies which are of scant use to us.A case in point is the much hyped Rudd Federal government’s The Road Home white paper,and its subsequent state government spinoffs.Welcomed as revolutionary by “Homeless Organisations”,the devil is in the detail of this package.Far from spending $1.4billion on homes for the homeless,where the homeless want to live, the package delivers SAAP housing,to be administered by the same pariah charities and NGOs who applaud the move…in featureless serviceless outer urban areas-tomorrows ghettoes.But thats not all. Conventional residential tenancy requirements do not apply to SAAP housing-States like NSW have inserted clauses which make it easier for government and its contractors to control and persecute us, in much the same way as their racist NT intervention persecutes aboriginal people.Our basis for opposing these schemes is that they deliver few benefits or solutions to our community.The Rudd government strategy is in fact a roadmap for people to become cradle to the grave profit units for vulture charities & NGOs,empowering them and further disenfranchising us.


The State Government’s position & why we oppose it.

The State Government has maintained a steadfast silence since their appointment of an administrator who immediately set about destroying Just Enough Faiths ability to continue to operate,despite multiple approaches from parties interested in rescuing the essential service.

This is the sole statement issued by OLGR, who subsequently took the assets they siezed and handed them to pariah Christian charity Exodus Foundation,without any further explanation.

OLGR appointment of administrators; All efforts to contact Mark Nolan have been unsuccessful.

We oppose the State Governments theft of the resources of Just Enough Faith and their delivery to consumate fundraiser Bill Crews Exodus Foundation,because;

  • since Exodus takeover of the service,food quality,range and the professionalism which SydneyHomeless had become accustomed has been replaced by a meager inadequate service which our community can no longer rely on as a nightly source of a substantial and nutritious hot meal.
  • Many of the regulars,particularly the elderly,cannot eat the food presented and stay home in one case living almost exclusively on 1 loaf of bread every three days,all he can afford after paying rent.
  • I have never known so many deaths to occur among our community in any six month period,as in the past six months.
  • Exodus Foundations callous cuts in nutrition quality and range has in effect sentenced many of the most marginalised to confinement loneliness and death in the isolated death boxes State government call homes.
  • Exodus Foundation conspired with the State Government to take over Just Enough Faith,for their own income generation motives,not out of concern for the homeless community.

Rorts & lies by Bill Crews/Exodus Foundation

-Bill-Bill Crews!! Shame on you.Rather than giving credit to the man who spent 17 years of his life & energy building the service & patronage you conspired with the state government to steal, instead, tonight you had the temerity to repeat your slanderous allegations of Jef Gambin being a “shonk.” Well Bill,thats not been our experience.Not once in 17 long years did Just Enough Faith run out of food,nor serve the insubstantial quantities or variable quality you have become famous for.He certainly was not a shonk when it came to food.On the other hand,we have previously noted several occasions when your government funded and allied organisation did run out of food,and with extremely low patron numbers.We have observed several occasions when your organisation produced what was deemed by patrons to be inedible,and even on a couple of occasions when your own staff said that the food wasn’t fit for dogs. We note that the reliable aspects of the food service are those donated items which you inherited from Just Enough Faith(such as bread cakes and muffins) and which you now also use to boost food quality at your Ashfield operations.Not that we have a problem with that.But when it comes to food quality at the Sydney Foodvan operations, your shabby offerings are an indictment, and raise the question “if you are not spending the copious amounts which you do fund-raise on food,then what exactly are you spending the money on??

And speaking of money,a simple extrapolation of figures you quoted on the outrageous fees you pay to hire the yellowwagon from,I believe the undermentioned.

283 Milperra Road, Revesby, NSW 2212

p: 02 97926651 or 0412588471  f: (02) 9792 6658

Simple primary school maths allows me to deduce that at your quoted $440 per day,thats $3150 per week- enough to pay for significant.Or, since 27 April thats 27x$3150 or a whopping $85000 odd. And I took the liberty of doing some comparisons.A brand spanking new Mack truck leases at a tad under $1500 per week.Mobile kitchens as used in the film industry came in at $1100 per week.Thats a minimum saving of $1600 a week on your stated costs. But hang on- why didn’t you just use the van you and your State Labor co-conspirators stole from Just Enough Faith?That van was custom fitted for the purpose and adequately served multiple selection meals for over 7 years…why didn’t you use that.Surely not because the people you “lease” your yellow monstrosity from are a related party?Surely not because they have friends in your office who were able to arrange what is clearly a lucrative commercial proposition for the owners of this clearly second hand monstrosity?With every appliance & convenience you will never use to service Sydney Homeless people. These are the rorts your church based Exodus Foundation, and its sister ACOSS/NCOSS members are famous for- rorts whereby significant unquantified amounts of donated funds are converted to lucrative income streams for people who are clearly unconnected with the homeless community. Rorts that channel funds raised in our name to your friends- of course all in compliance with accepted accounting standards.

Whilst on the subject of vans and rorts,Mr Crews, whatever did really happen to the van you had gifted to you by the thieving mongrels in OLGR? You ask us to buy the fiction that it was stolen from(we believe)inside a locked gate at your Ashfield premises,without damaging the locks or gates.Without damaging your building.Its not a quantum leap in logic to conjecture that the keys to the van and gate would have been returned and secured inside your offices by the foodvan crew AFTER 9-30 p.m.-when the person several “Exodus insiders” are privately accusing would have long gone home.Perhaps they stole a crane to lift it over the gate?That scenario is about as believeable as your “stolen van.” A chance discussion with a person familiar with the allegedly stolen van adds the fact that the vehicle was not easy to drive,or start.I put it to you,Bill,that the van was old and did not meet your idea of what looked good on television, and that it has been an absolute blessing for you that the faithful old foodvan conveniently disappeared.Doubtless,you had it insured?Why on your Sunday program following the supposed “theft” were you soliciting for funds to replace the van.I don’t recall you once using your program to initiate the return of the old van,perhaps by the simple device of broadcasting a description and rego number? Your Daily Telegraph promotional article was a further missed opportunity to solicit public assistance in retreiving the old van- or did you know that it would not be found? Have you collected(insurance) yet?

I sincerely hope that the defamatory comments you made tonight relating to Mr Gambin result in a lawsuit against you- where the scurrilous mistruths you and your government co-conspirators have been able to put about, with the assistance of your media friends may be tested.

I have been inundated this evening with reports of your confrontation with the Tuesday night volunteers, and on the subject wish to note the longevity and professionalism of this voluntary groups service to Sydneys Homeless community. A half decent co-ordinator of a service such as you tell the government and general public you provide,would have thanked them for their continuance of service under your stewardship-and an astute manager would have sought to emulate the ambience this group managed to preserve-even under the inappropriate management style you put in place. But we accuse you of neither being thankful nor astute- except when it comes to raising funds in the names of homeless and marginalised people, and applying them to maintain your friends in jobs and luxuries and an expensive array of infrastructure assets (such as your leased yellow van). These people sought simple answers to reasonable questions, which you were mysteriously unable to provide.Unlike your puppet News Ltd press journalists, these reasonable people were in a position to respond to the untruths you and your co-conspirators propogate. It may have escaped your notice, but these and other volunteers give their time energy and experience FREELY,something Exodus do not.In doing so, they support the rivers of gold you milk from the government and a gullible public every day.

No matter how many times you and your government allies say so, Just Enough Faith DID NOT GO BANKRUPT.It was siezed by your allies,in part,because Just Enough Faith,without ever saying so, brought to mind the question “Why were they able to do so much without government support,even before their corporate support kicked in?” Or,put another way, what ARE YOU doing with the funds you solicit in our name?? Your paid staff are of no benefit to us-JEF had 100% volunteers!! JEFs back office/kitchen had a paid staff of three(I asked).You evidently have a paid staff of 50?? What do they do??They clearly don’t do much for us,and you surely don’t employ many on cooking for us,judging by the skimpy meals.

This,Bill is the aspect of a foodvan service which we care about-not what you keep for yourself or your friends in Ashfield-and we really don’t care if the food turns up in a truck bus or van-so long as its of the quality you undertook to replace,which your service has NEVER done.

Oh,and Bill, one more thing…you stated at the foodvan that you wanted to sue Sydney Homeless?? Is it because we offer a credible alternative to the trite lies you and your journo friends promote as facts?? Please go right ahead.Our duty to our community is to make the public aware of your rorts, and how you apply the funds which you raise in our name to benefit your friends,like the yellowwagon people.