Contrary to what Bill Crews and his Tele journalist supporters will have everyone believe, this site has no association whatsoever with Just Enough Faith. We are, however enthusiastic supporters of the selection, quality and quantities of food which were a regular staple of the Just Enough Faith service. We remain deeply appreciative of the dedicated and caring approach of the Just Enough Faith volunteers.

These were the essential features of the Just Enough Faith Foodvan service, which Exodus have been singularly unable to match.Perhaps they are simply unwilling to match that standard, lowering the service to the same level of mediocrity meted out to marginalised people by other ACOSS/NCOSS members.Yes,we know Exodus is not a member,but Uniting Church certainly is.

And while we certainly don’t condone any attacks on the foodvan, we can certainly sympathise with our homeless community who know that Bill Crews raises thousands in our names, thousands which are not reflected on the increasingly spare dinnerplates.

Homeless people know when we are being shafted- we get it all the time from governments charities and NGOs whom, while professing to act for our benefit,in reality act for their own.

Its very simple.If Exodus offered an quality service comparable to what they are trying to replace, they will have contented patrons.When people who haven’t eaten are offered no choice, & often bland inedible food, miniscule portions or the food runs out, expect complaints.


Do Not Donate to Bill Crews or Exodus Foundation on behalf of Homeless or Marginalised People