We thank the Tele for its confirmation of figures which we already had.Confirmation of one of Bill Crews Exodus Foundation rorts. In the article, http://bit.ly/1pYiH5  the Tele give a figure of $440 per night to pay for a replacement vehicle. The vehicle in question is the yellow monstrosity which has every concieveable mod con a foodvan doesn’t need. Bill Crews Exodus Foundation have used it nightly since April- at a cost(according to the figures supplied) of $13000 a month, or about $78000 so far.Put in context, enough to lease a brand new Mack prime mover & trailer, and have lots of change.And the van he hires is certainly not new.We checked around.Options abound.5 vehicle leasing specialists would put a brand spanking new custom built unit on the road for less than a third of what Exodus pay for a second hand unit. People from the mobile film industry could have rented a “to go” food kitchen for a little over a grand a week. This is money Bill Crews chose to spend, despite the old(now allegedly stolen)  JEF van being ready,servicable and in Exodus possession. Its not our money.But it was raised in our name whether from government or by private subscription, and we strongly object to such wasteful deployment of these funds. And who does he hire the van from? Oh,a friend of one of his office staff.Nice little earner for them.No competitive tendering. Name your price,its the only one in the whole world.

$78000 squandered on hiring a second hand van at $440 a day.Wow!!