I think until recently, despite our scathing criticisms of the NSW Labor government and its various operatives, we have remained optimistic about federal Labor. In the past week,sadly, the Rudd Labor government have shown that despite their rhetoric they are acting in the solely interests of big business. They are no better than the Coalition they replaced.

On healthcare, which is an area of deep concern to homeless and marginalised people, Team Rudd have opted to support their ‘superclinic” concept. These operations are typically run by such entities as Vinnies (St Vincents Hospital), Catholic Social Services, Uniting Care and Moran Health.They disenfranchise healthcare professionals such as doctors, depersonalise the healthcare experience and ensure that much more of the health dollar ends up in the coffers of a very few very greedy players.

On homelessness,the Rudd Governments Homelessness Strategy represents no more than bureaucratic doublespeak. Its sole stated aim is to “halve the number of homeless by 2020”. What numbers are we working with? Does this mean halve the current number?Or the projected 2020 figure. It seems that Team Rudd do not know where to look to quantify the number of homeless. They rely on figures of “the poverty industry”, who are not representative of homeless people,but representative of a large number of consultants and pariah charities who use homeless   and marginalised people as “income generators”, and would like to build cradle to the grave relationships to ensure that homeless and marginalised continue to remain disenfranchised,and that they continue to profit.Within government itself,there are burgeoning departments, burdened with the weight of countless intellectualised surveys obtained at a cost of millions of dollars,which generate further millions for church and other NGOs (including the likes of Prime Minister Rudds wifes former company) who provide at best minimalist and questionable services to their supposed target constituents. The quoted Sydney City Homeless figure is artificially low and we question the science and presumptions of the bureaucrats who formulated it.On the day it was last done we counted just over 95% more people than they did, and we did not go to some major sites. Quite simply,homeless people do not trust information collection from bureaucrats and work against it because we recognise such surveys as a tool of repression to be used against us by multiple tiers of govt. We don’t see ANY new social housing being added in Sydney City.We don’t see any attempt to address the drivers of homelessness, which are residential property investment, low wages and high retail prices.Nor do we see any legislation to rein in thecavalier laissez-faire capitalist attitudes of banks. All we see is strategies to prop up the same largely church related parasite organisations whom successive governments have taken unsuccessful(from our perspective) advisements from.The public needs to know that government expenditure in the name of homeless and marginalised people is a rort! The bulk of allocated funds props up government jobs, consultants(many ex govt employees) and Vulture NGOs who deliver little.

We have also looked at Team Rudds appalling treatment of aboriginal people, specifically with reference to the racist intervention, his governments flawed environmental policies which enabled the Montara oil spill to occur, and Team Rudds treatment of refugees.

On all of these issues we have a christian focussed anglocentric policy machine which seeks to impose the interests of white Australia.

more soon…