The Week in Review

Rough Sleepers Count

Having several disbelieving agency types contact us sceptically questioning the veracity of our daily Rough Sleepers count. The reasons for the disparity between our, and official figures, is multi-faceted. We think the most common mistake is to assume that most rough sleepers actually sleep at night- we find about 30 percent of long term rough sleepers and a larger number of “street newbies” sleep by day and live nocturnally. Thats why our count spans 24 hour cycles. A second factor is knowing where to count- we go because we know. We can’t divulge the locations to agencies without the consent of rough sleepers, and in any case are reluctant to do so; with a single change of policy, council or any govt dept can clamp down- made easier if they know where to look.

Off Streets Program

has provided 56 kids aged 5-12 in the company of their parent/parents/guardian/older sibling in “a weeks accommodation” “somewhere in the city” thanks to the understanding support of our anonymous donor base, who largely use their company credit cards to secure rooms for young people. We also do not thank all sections of NSW Government who have made DOCS and their related NGOS/departments THE NUMBER ONE THREAT to child safety and family security, more especially for ethnic and indigenous communities who are invariably systemically persecuted and culturally raped by the monocultural anglo-centric DOCs regime and its recently amended empowering legislation. We keep no records of this program nor the names of families or individuals. We have systems which ensure that accommodation resources are untraceable, an underground railroad used even by anglo families who fear persecution. Yes, we do suggest DOCS to some as an alternative-do you think we like dragging our friends out of bed to pay for accom? Only 2 families have rung DOCS and one stated that DOCs offered to “take their baby off their hands”-declined. So one family happily accommodated(out of 38) by DOCS(NSW Childrens Services) is hardly scintillating success by any measure- we categorise it as a shameful failure.

 We would love for there to be a government department which could give children and marginalised families protection.Instead,we are confronted by the reality that the very department seen as the protector is THE MAJOR THREAT.

 So we have no alternative than to continue to leverage the best possible outcomes in terms of Child and Family protection, that we can-and will continue to do so.

New Programs

Today we join with Homeless and Community Direct to announce the following programs which are directed by that grouping-

Phones for Marginalised-may save a life.

Did you know that even without a sim, a locked phone can still be used to call 000 in emergency? Our aim is to collect old working phones(with chargers) for distribution to homeless and community members. If you can provide a sim, thats even better and the phones don’t have to be flash-just functional. We will provide emergency announcements to community members via twitter or SMS on such issues as known dangers .A camera phone can also be used to obtain valuable evidence in the case of attacks witnessed by our community. The url for Sydney Phone Donations will be posted shortly (as soon as we are notified).

We encourage Non Sydney Marginalised communities to copy this program into your community-before the poverty industry decide to raise a few mil from doing it. SHUT THE POVERTY INDUSTRY OUT OF THIS.

Marginalised Empowerment Initiative;

We are over seeing marginalised people exploited as a cheap form of labour by charities NGOs and private enterprise- and decided to do something about it. We offer One Day Courses (including 48 hours of internet use, for $50) which show participants in simple pracitcal ways, how to build and drive a steady and growing internet based income. Our partners have trialled this program successfully for the past month and are now ready to deliver. URL soon.

Homeless Homestays

These have proved popular among tourists and our homeless community with some guides now doing 3 guests per week. URL update soon

Other News


Foodvan operations have seen more people flocking to the Vinnies Foodvans as the Exodus provided Jefs Corner service continues to vaccillate in the range of institutional to mediocre. Sydney Homeless will not accept this standard of service as a norm. This foodvan site remains the only place available to homeless women and children to eat an evening meal. It was for 16 years the superior provider of free evening meal services until the NSW Govt callously stole the resources from non faith based Just Enough Faith and gave them to Christian Exodus, to the continuing chagrin of donors, volunteers and homeless alike. Its very simple.If users can’t rely on getting a decent meal there EVERY NIGHT, they stop coming at all-thats what always set Jefs Corner Foodvans apart from the poverty industry who bludge funds in our name with full govt consent, yet use the funds for their construction, research salary and other purposes WHICH DO NOT BENEFIT US.

It has been our intention to establish parallel delivery systems in conjunction with Exodus, however, there has been considerable resistance from potential supporters following publication of a comment attributed to Parramatta Mission questioning why Exodus have received $200k in funding to feed homeless, and they none. The resistance is based on the reasonable perception of “why should we subsidise what Exodus are funded to do?”

We have always understood that the NSW government intention, and a driving reason why a single complainant to the OLGR was able to wreak such havoc on Just Enough Faith, is that government do not promote or endorse high standards of service to the homeless and marginalised- If you feed rats more will come. And it seems that their cavalier servant Bill Crews is only too happy to oblige-if the price is right!!!

 Meanwhile, Vinnies foodvans reports from our observers of larger than normal patronages at all stops excepting Green Park. We wonder why they go there when even the Youth Off the Streets Van has seriously low numbers and we think attend purely to keep that DOCs funding stream in place-no kids are known to use it. As expressed elsewhere, our thanks to Vinnies school groups and mini Vinnies little people who it seems provide the food and fare of the night. We do wonder why the well resourced Vinnies NSW, a subsidiary of The Catholic Church is imposing on school kids and parents to provide resources as well as donate time- what exactly do they do with the millions they are exempted from reporting? Hey, don’t get us wrong, we do support the foodvans- and they’re the ONLY Vinnies service which we do support.

Matthew Talbot

Our consternation remains that this (the most well funded resource organisation for homeless MEN) can so callously exclude women and children from eating at its meal centre. Don’t they get hungry, according to MT?