Homeless offered Cash,Alcohol to Brawl in


We have had reports filtering thru over the last day from several homeless community members being offered money and Bar Tab incentives to start fights in specific pubs. In all claims, amounts ranging from $800 to $1500, plus a bar tab at another hotel of the homeless/marginalised persons choice has been offered. In some cases further offers are being made of legal expenses coverage, in others getaway cars are on offer.

 Sydney Homeless visited the locations of the intended hotels. In all cases, the hotel had nearby competition. Checks of ownership and management of  both target hotels and their opposition revealed no common link, in fact no discernable links at all. We were unable to make other than a visual check of security arrangements.

 Our further research led us to recent changes to liqour licensing laws-changes which penalise pubs based on the number of fights there.

 Our research revealed no past instances of these style of offers being made, giving strong reasons to suspect a connection.

 It seems possible that parties associated with a hotel wishing to drive its turnover up, simply need to fund a few fights in oppositional hotels to eventually drive that hotel out of business! An astute accountant or investor would also not fail to notice that the value of an hotel will fall dramatically in line with the hotel being placed on the “hotlist”, making them a bargain buy. And imagine having the power to stop the fights once you have bought the pub from the hapless previous proprietor, especially when you created them!!!

 A degree in business economics is completely unnecessary to understand some basic concepts these incompetent NSW Lawmakers missed.

 We counsel homeless and marginalised people NOT to become involved in these illegal schemes in any way. 

 We suggest that individual hotels take necessary steps to protect themselves.