News on Jef Gambin

Our information regarding the status of Mr Jef Gambins legal matters and those of Alina Gambin are somewhat different to those borderline defamatory comments published by the Murdoch Media Sunday. Our source, who claims to have attended the actual hearing, swears on a stack of Books of Mormon that Mrs Gambin had her matters withdrawn and Jef had a misdemeanour sized fine of < $150…and no conviction recorded.

  A further witness who spoke to us shed some light on probable cause for the local Murdoch Media Rag to mount such a prolonged and vicious personal attack on Jef Gambin. Turns out that the journalist responsible for these articles is known to the sole complainant to the OLGR.This source,who was able to provide full and correct details of the complainant, his business dealings, his history and reputation and a claim that he was mentally unstable.  And whom one of his neighbours is- a News Ltd journalist!! We have checked out and verified some details given by our source and drawn the conclusion there is sufficient truth in the informants account (and no detail tested incorrect) for us to reasonably conclude that these allegations have merit.

 The Telegraph have persistently pressed the unsubstantiated allegations that Jef gambled JEF Foundation Funds. In this rendition of their tale they quote an amount of $250,000. Gee!!! They sat there and counted? How DID they arrive at this figure? Jeffs office tell them, perhaps? Or now struggling flooring contractor Alan Byrne with his own financial and other problems? Did John Oliver do the rithmitik before he removed bank statements without permission or authorisation? Or did the tele just make it up? Their published figure has varied wildly. And their ongoing personal attack on Jef has really upset a lot of people in the Gambling Addiction Recovery Field who are unanimous in their view that an attack on a gambler is an attack on a person who is gravely ill. An unconsiencably low act. We add that we are sure Jef Gambin DID NOT gamble JEF funds(the majority of which he and Alina Gambin contributed anyway, and that the sole reason for him drwaing money at that ATM is that it is the closest to JEFs Rozelle facilities with decent parking arrangements.We went out there and looked. It is the closest ATM to Jefs Rozelle facility.  

 On 12th September 2008, SMH reported ( ) Actress Judy Davis’s $150,000 defamation win against News Ltd for implying that she had behaved unreasonably and selfishly in relation to a development near her residence.

 Then ABC reported  about an eye surgeon whom they also falsely claimed was negligent.

Then,in 1996 Multiple the infamous “Class We Failed” case against The Daily Telegraph saw 28 students from the
1996 Mt Druitt HSC class successfully sue the newspaper for defamation.

 In fact a veritable highway of defamation actions have been successfully prosecuted against this publication stretching back to 1908. The Tele is NOT known for its commitment to journalistic integrity.It is known for publishing sensationalist attention grabbing half truths and the same devil may care attitude to people shown by its owner Murdoch in his dealings with UK staff of his first Fleet Street rag.