Young People at Jefs Corner Foodvans

The majority of young people known to us as having no permanent residence do not use the foodvans. Not because they are not hungry,far from it. They don’t use them because it is known to them that DOCs agencies and DOCs themselves frequent the vans, in an attempt to capture kids who refuse to live by DOCS rules- and the reasons are many. Young people of non anglo/euro descent universally call them “dumb whitefucks” and ridicule their DOCs houses. But the majority of young people 13-17 rejecting the DOCs system in Sydneys CBD today are actually of anglo/euro descent. Combined DOCs/Police repression has largely forced aboriginal youth from the city area, into institutions, while “society enjoys occupation of a land stolen from them”.Some have DOCs histories,some do not. Their reasons for rejecting DOCs support is the conditions-the strings attached. They don’t need to be in bed when some clown they don’t even know much less respect thinks they should. Like us, they are pissed with the games idiot social workers play trying to manipulate them into some boring scheme which drives more funds to the service provider and takes more time away from the lucky recipient, who of course is not paid.

 Most DoCs agencies do not attend regularly at the foodvans, and those who do are in the main respectful of young people. 

 However one buffoon, an employee of The Salvation Armys Oasis program, is worth mentioning as an exception. Recently when the Oasis van pulled up with internet and coffee, this clown took it into his head to start questioning two young guys who were attempting to eat their meals. He actually threatened to call police if they did not give their names to him!!! First off, Salvation Armys Oasis Program or its staff do not have a god given right to harass young people.If they are seen doing so the Sydney Homeless community will act to protect those young ones by whatever means expedient. The few young people who do come to eat at the vans are as entitled to eat in peace as anyone else. If they say they don’t wish to speak with you,leave them be. As it so happened,buffoon actually conned these young guys into giving their address on the pretext of delivering food there tomorrow,which I’m sure he will-along with a tranche of DOCs inspired invasive policies which  Oasis are very well rewarded for. And a mandatory report to their spymasters Department of Childrens Services.Now we are by no means saying that Oasis don’t provide a program that does not help those who wish to access it,doubtless it does. But we will not sit by and see kids conned by a zealot acting way beyond his authority. In fact, Salvos have attended at the Jefs Corner Foodvan site in the main because they cannot attract a crowd themselves. If they wish to offer a Youth spying service to DOCs, then they could always set this up where young people would flock to them and their DOCs masters.

  Aboriginal Youth and Communities are especially are acutely aware of the dire detrimental consequences (including death) to themselves their communities and families, of interaction with police DOCs or surrogate agencies- all it seems except DOCs minister Linda Burney.  

  We are advised that the buffoon to whom we refer is the same one who told the papers last year that he would take Just Enough Faith off JEFs hands.Dumb. Anyway,if hes not seen at the Jef Foodvan again he won’t be missed.

In general regarding Youth at the Foodvans.

1/ We want all people  young or old to be able to eat at the foodvans without threat-To many children and communities DOCS and its agencies are THE WORSE POSSIBLE THREAT.In many ways they represent the spearhead of Anglo assimilation in the guise of “Australian.”

2/ All volunteers and service providers are put on notice that The Jef Foodvan Site is not somewhere that you go to report young people to DOCs.If you intend to do so please leave.

3/Young people are warned that while Sydney Homeless monitor for DOCs reporters AND will tell you if we think a notification has been made, we cannot be 100% certain that reports are not made.

4/Young People attending at the foodvans are to be treated with the same courtesy and respect as everybody else, and not subjected to harassment.

5/DOCS do not support the foodvans at Jefs corner in any way.Their State Government are currently trying to destroy the foodvans to get rid of homeless people from the city area and drive developers property values up. We suggest that DOCs establish a honeytrap of their own which young people will flock to knowing that DOCs will help them there- and leave the places where kids know they can get food out of harms way to cater to the real community needs as your department continue to wallow in your trough of self indulgence.