Off Streets Program

In a little over a week, using funds and motel room space provided by incredulous onside donors, Sydney Homeless have housed 82 people being families with children (younger than 12). Some parents have a roadmap out of their situation. Most do not. One couple were found by our youth wing in an outlying Sydney City council area, attempting to camp in a known camping spot with a very young child. They were locked out of their commercially leased business/accommodation for non payment of rent, with their bank refusing to clear a cheque deposited earlier,or make funds available. They only needed a room for 2 days, and promptly sponsored other people into the same room for a week when their funds cleared. We can’t leave little ones sleeping out if we can help it and we certainly are NOT going to advise anyone with children to go to DOCs. There are parents assisted by us this past week who are in abject fear of this department, who one distraught woman described as state funded terrorists. They took her newborn baby about four months ago. This couple are not drug addicts nor do they do drugs. Their crime??? They simply told DoCs workers to “fuck off” which they have a perfect right to do and we think every parent should. I wouldn’t let these incompetent lowlife or their surrogate agencies near my children either.

 Many of these family units have at least one adult worker who is owed money by at least one employer. These people largely come from the  construction services or hospitality industries. A particular ethnicity in the hospitality business seems particularly well known for the practice.

 Our Offstreets Program is a simple, no strings attached community based program which finds families with children under 12 who are sleeping rough.We provide them with hotel/motel accommodation for a week as a leg up in their efforts to recover from their marginalisation situation. We do not keep any records aside from counting the people because of the potential harm to the children and their families were records to fall into the hands of DOCs,the agency charged with Community care matters but demonstrably dangerously incompetent to provide these.

 We were approached Saturday night by a group of taxi drivers who noticed what we try to do. On their busiest night of the week, they selflessly offered to transport some very out of it teens home-in groups.

 We leverage community contacts to pay for “one weeks accommodation” in a cheap hotel or motel near the city. We accept offers to fund or provide such accommodation from hotel/motel operators and all sectors of the community.

  Much as we do despise DOCs, we do tell people of the services they and their surrogates provide.Contrary to some misconceptions, we are not totally unsupportive of some surrogate initiatives, in fact,do not know of any issues with YOTS except mandatory reporting. We inform all of Mandatory reporting role of all surrogates and how those reports are likely to be subverted by DOCs and DPP(we can’t believe Chowdery,who seems a pretty decent bloke condones this).

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