NSW Labor Strategy Exclusive

Few would accuse the NSW Labor Party of having a strategy,but we do.

In this exclusive report SydneyHomeless reveal for the first time the brilliant strategies of the ever forward thinking NSW Labor Party.The steely resolve of Sussex St.(who may have secretly recruited John Howard as strategic advisor) is nigh unbreakable. At the coalface,valiant NSW Labor Cabinet and members unite leaving no stone unturned in their quest to sieze the opposition benches at the next NSW State elections.

Because the NSW Liberal Party have no discernable policies leadership or clear support base, Labor will prove a formidable foe in the battle for opposition. Looking further afield it seems that the Gordon Moyes christian right, independents and Greens are blissfully unaware of this strategy. Indeed our attention was only drawn to the brilliance of this unusual strategy courtesy of the different approach applied by NSW Labor on the second last day of the past sitting of parliament, when the only minister in the upper house left, enabling the speaker to close for business a day early. It may well be that the combined Labor/Coalition eforts to gain/retain the opposition benches may well force the Greens and independents to take the government benches while Labor and Liberals sort out their squabble.

 We initially treated the information that Howard had been recruited as suspect, but our attention was drawn to two important factors.Tripodi and Della Bosca-they stop at nothing,no stoop too low,to get their own way. And why wouldn’t Howard sell out the Liberal Party? He spent three terms in office selling Australia out to America.

 The NSW Labor strategic direction is said to be driven by complex polling personally commissioned by OLGR and Sports Minister Kevin Greene,touted as the post election opposition leader-in-waiting.Greene has moved early and decisively in the race to alienate public opinion. His introduction through the Office of Liqour Gaming and Racing of the Fun Police effectively turned our once vibrant and thriving nightclubs and pubs into crosses between morgues and mausoleums, with even weeding and function venues forced to toe the sterile line or risk loss of licences and fines.

 Police operating under this Greene inspired legislation recently evicted a man from Wests Campbelltown for high fiving( cited as evidence that he was drunk). He was black as well so theres another reason,police just couldn’t say so. And the two barstaff were fined.Greene has ensured that funding for an election campaign will not flow from clubs hotels Clubs NSW or the Australian Hotels Association.

And the OLGRs malicious and illegal attack on micro charity Just Enough Faith ensures that not one person with a social conscience, or respect for legal process will vote State Labor. Kevin Greene must have consulted Nazi propaganda minister Goebbels records prior to his media release, and the following disinformation campaign perpetrated by his hireling, administrator Chris Jones. Greene must also have acquired the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler manual for following legal process as a guide for Chris Jones administration process.

 Following in the wake of wannabe leader-of -the opposition-Greene is wannabe deputy-leader-of-the-opposition Linda Burney, whose DOCs department thinks that the community it is charged with protecting is the community of its workforce. This department, redefined as the Family Police in the aftermath of the Woods report, is now a purely persecutory division whose agenda is to force families to adopt anglo christian values, while paying tokenist lipservice to multiculturalism. Cultural pluralism doesn’t exist never mind multiculturalism. Linda Burney might have noticed this in her previous incarnation as DG Aboriginal Affairs.Linda Burney is really onto a winner here in ensuring no self respecting ethnic family member, or discerning member of the general public will vote State Labor.

 The word is that in addition to wanting to sell off several police stations and other public buildings, the Rees Government have quietly hatched a secret plan to sell off the part of Callan Park not already occupied by the University for a private development of a gated enclave for the Mega Rich. It is understood that with the new charities legislation awaiting enactment, the DG of the department alone can order a charitable trust wound up,which they plan to do with Callan Park. This would be a powerful extra reason to rid the park of the embattled Just Enough Faith. It is said that this sale, along with that of power assets police stations and there is mention of Sydney Water as well as The Sydney Foreshore Authority, are regarded by Premier Rees as must-dos. There will be widespread voter dissatisfaction and disillusionment and great satisfaction within the Labor Caucus.

 And Nathan Rees has added his in his own inimitable style to the sterling efforts of his team to dislodge themselves from government-by creating a right pickle out of bottled water. Who would have thought that our inexperienced overworked premier had the time or resources to spare to carefully research this amazing policy.The scientific justification for the policy is breathtaking!!! Who would have known that the bottled water industry is actually such a high contributor to the carbon footprint-apparently, as the premiers careful research has obviously shown, more carbon positive than carbonated softdrinks,for example-or alcohol. We would have thought that the transportation of the multiple ingredients involved in the manufacture of softdrinks and alcohol would leave a much higher carbon footprint but we can’t argue with the premiers carefully researched science.

  And on the question of footprints, and science, we understand that it is scientifically questionable to follow just one set of footprints,when there are many others in the vicinity. Police forensics could perhaps advise the premiers department on this if they weren’t sure whom to ask. For example, the health footprint leads the casual observer to the view that softdrinks and alcohol are bigger contributors to issues in that area than bottled water. Then there is the moral equity footprint. The community of Bundanoon actually voted to ban bottled water in their town because a company wants to take their water,truck it to Sydney,then sell it back to them in bottled form-Of course State Government owned Sydney Water takes our Sydney water, puts it in leaky grime filled pipes and sells it back to us. Team Rees is advised to consider other footprints in the area of any issue-merely following the most likely may have the undesired effect of catapulting NSW Labor way past the opposition benches and off the abyss into oblivion.