NSWDocs on #Homelessness

This is a link to a DOCS publication which paints a glossy image of “how things could be.”

In response to the blinkered Wood Inquiry with its unfortunately narrow terms of reference the NSW State Government have with their typical incompetence revamped their delivery of the incongrously named Childrens Services to further protect their miserable department while exacerbating the opportunity for harm to families and children to occur. DOCs have now become a focussed inquisitorial and persecutory institution by definition, with their surrogates now having the dual and unenviable roles of providing care downstream of DOCs family persecution machine while having their DOCs personal data collection mechanisms finetuned. In a stunning slap in the face for aboriginals and ethnic communities, NSW Police, known as the most Anglocentric and latently racist government department, have been given an extended role with children, and greater opportunities to persecute families who do not conform to the Anglocentric agenda they call Australian. And beleagured teachers and educators are also scrambling to resource schools with the skills to provide the additional responsibilities foisted upon them, while at least privately many denounce the stupidity of effectively undermining marginalised ethnic and indigenous community confidence in education systems. 

We have ongoing evidence of adolescents hiding in abject fear of being discovered by DOCS, and with excellent reasons. DOCS are consistently responsible for so much harm to children and irrepairable damage to families that the only option for a NSW government with conscience is to shut it down.We don’t know how Linda Burney can sleep at night,knowing the real disasters her department continues to perpetrate particularly against aboriginal communities.

 As Sydney Homeless struggle to provide the small amount of assistance we can to the few families we can, we are confronted nightly with the reality of NSW government and DOCs social engineering policies. We are confronted with the end results of their systematic interference often collusively with others in families and communities where they have no capability to assist.

 DOCS Minister Linda Burney is a career bureaucrat. Her approach to successfully dealing with the issues growing from the fertile gardens of failed government policies is to implement further policies ripe for failure.

 SydneyHomeless cannot guarantee the safety of minors attending at the foodvans or their families wellbeing, due to the potential for incursions by DOCs and its agents and the inevitable disastrous downstream consequences thereof. We advise any homeless families to send adults or over 15s to the foodvan, and ask around among the homeless community as to resources.Do not ask at the foodvans directly.