In a victory for slave labour employers, the Fair Pay Commission has rejected an application for a pay increase for low paid workers. In line with the previous federal governments McClure inspired low pay agenda, the Fair Pay Commissioner gave his reasons as “protecting low paid jobs.” In reality, what he protects is employers choice to drive huge profits by the simple device of taking higher margins at the expense of long suffering workers. There is NO constraint on bank fees, retail price hikes, government tax increases,public transport costs or rents. But that large employer bloc who insist on treating workers as profit units by paying or indexing to the minimum wage must be overjoyed.We doubt that they expected such an outcome. Blind Freddy can see that minimum wage workers will suffer a further loss of economic access due directly to this freeze on the minimum wage. But the commissioner can’t! Or maybe, along with his dinner set, he just doesn’t give a damn. We understand that there have been previous close relationships between arch enemy of workers Chris Corrigan and the commissioner. There certainly have been cordial relations between Corrigan and McClure. With memories of Corrigans Patricks waterfront play in collusion with the Liberals Howardly attack on Stevedoring workers in mind, of course his dinner pal would be of the same ilk. Our prediction is that more low paid workers will be forced to sell drugs, and embark on a range of other criminal activities, and that as their living costs continue to escalalate unregulated, many will be joining us in the queues at the foodvan.

Already in our nightly Rough Sleepers Count, we are seeing building and logistics contractors sleeping in their vehicles, sometimes with their children and families. 5 of the families which we have accommodated have been in this category, ALL owed substantial amounts long overdue, having been unable to pay their mortgages as one lot of callous accountants maximise the interest their Equity division make from retaining payments as long as possible, while another set of accountants associated with the banks get their greedy mits on the family home. And Mr Rudd can suggest that banks not do things til his dying day, but until the day he begins legislating, bank directors actually have no authority to apply other than profit motives and business principles to their business-they actually have a duty of care to do so.

 For some time workers in the foodvan queues have been commonplace. In this case the fair pay commissioner had the opportunity to solve a problem-he chose to solve it for greedy businesspeople who are prepared to exploit their workforce.

 Footnote to slave labour rate paying employers: You win contracts by undercutting opposition on the basis that you can get away with paying slave labour rates.You are not a business-you’re an exploiter!!! And yet you’re the sort of mongrel the fair work comissioner is trying to protect.