Recent changes to the role of Linda Burneys DOCs(the C stands for,separately, Community or Childrens) in reponse to the Wood commission report have implemented widespread changes which we believe were designed to further insulate DOCs from criticism and prosecution, by passing many of their previous roles to a police force not trained equipped or suitable to handle their new role, already overburdened educators, and NGOs whose primary consideration is bottom line, in spite of the fine efforts of some ground staff. 

All families children and the public need to be aware that ALL educators, child care centres, doctors, hospitals, police emergency housing providers and social workers, youth services organisations such as YOTS and Oasis are mandatory reporters

AND THEY DO NOT HAVE TO TELL YOU THAT THEY COLLECT THIS INFORMATION ON BEHALF OF DOCS, often at the lowest point in your life-so far…. until DOCS decide to ruin whats left of your life with their malicious prosecutions often at the behest of police.

 Armed with these mandatory reports DOCs can and do issue proceedings in the Childrens Court, which we consider Australias Guantanamo Bay. Allegations are sufficient to manufacture a case and DOCs delight in this style of presentation. Often cash strapped families are forced to use legal aid lawyers with only very basic access to resources, pitted against the combined resources of DOCs the DPP and Police, in a court where innuendo replaces evidence from your accusers.  

  We know of several cases where DOCs have taken children on the basis of these malicious reports, often concocted by police or revenge seeking social workers. Oh,and you are not entitled to know the source of these malicious reports either, adding to the difficulty of bringing malice to the courts attention.

We hasten to add that while we have the utmost confidence in the chief magistrate of the Childrens Court,it is a long bow to draw to have the same confidence in the entire bench.

See todays updated Rough Sleepers Count for more details….

 Our aim is to STOP child exploitation by NSW State government in their monocultural assault on ethnic family values and drive to insinuate themselves, unwanted, into every household.