SMH at detail an interesting study. Commissioned by the Brotherhood of St Laurance, onetime home of  Workchoices architect Patrick McClure, the study concludes that many of Australias marginalised are aspirational, and implies that further casework is the pathway to achieving this. Yet another example of a large influential business posing as a charity, seeking to create further opportunities for itself and other like parties to maintain their relationship with their income generator units(that would be us). They use as a reason the fact that a large percentage of marginalised do not remain in employment for three months or more. There are good simple reasons for this. The slave labor environment foisted on marginalised people by these government Job Network service providers  is economically mentally and sometimes physically exploitative. The minimum wage is totally out of sync with the spiralling costs associated with maintaining a basic lifestyle.Often workers have to spend a large percentage of their meagre income on costs directly associated with their employment, such as recurring fuel and car running costs where some employers require workers to have a vehicle. The few tax deductible expenses left for workers are not directly available to the worker ,who the tax system treats as a interest free lending service to the government. Often, these untenable conditions are exacerbated by draconian workpractices which are borderline in OHS compliance due to the stress placed on workers by draconian management practices. And excessive profits for the employer. In short the failed and discarded Workchoices model addressed the needs of industry for well trained dirt cheap labour. The Job Network Industry and its surrogates were not heard once advocating for better pay or conditions for workers, in words louder than a whimper, but were known to have been party to the creation of awards in connivance with employers which minimised worker rewards. It might come as a huge surprise to the slave labour operating Bentley drivers of this world, but people do not go to work on the basis of creating huge profits for you while running further into debt personally. And when people grow exhausted with this government supported , NGO managed tyranny they will simply take what they perceive as rightfully theirs. 

  We categorically reject the Job Network Model as worthy of survival while its role remains with only the words changed.We categorically reject the status quo which is that people organisations and a culture which have for so long been a root cause, and even beneficiary, of the perceived problem, should or could be part of the solution. Its like discussing the solutions to Aids with the disease.