McClure-reverse Robin HoodWe report and confirm with great relish,the none too soon demise of Workchoices.Architect Mission Australias participation in the exploitative scheme they were responsible for foisting on those of us using government support services remais in an expanded form unfortunately.Their one time Mission Australia Head Honcho Patrick McClure, head advisor for the Howardly attack on marginalised people, orchestrated a purely self interest driven attack on marginalised people which is a key government policy today. The furphy of Workchoices.The furphy is the Howard/McClure concept of “mutual obligation.” In their fantasy,which deprived marginalised people of time and fairness in employment opportunity, in order to receive govt payments,recipients must subject themselves to being battered,blackmailed and bullied into accepting subsistence rate employment from the plethora of slave labour opportunists McClure and his Liberal party cohorts recruited-in most cases offering pure exploitation or cancellation of benefits which mostly leave the workers worse off.Mutual Obligation is to us a simple concept work and pay tax-don’t work and get government support.

 Patrick McClure was for four years the Head of The Trustees of the Society of St Vincents de Paul (NSW) followed by ten years with Mission Australia (Head).He previously had a short stint with Anglicare, did some youth work in WA and was for a decade a Franciscan Monk.

 McClure certainly put all of this experience including,he tells, working with the Vinnies foodvans (they served stale sandwiches and luke warm tea at the time), to great personal use, accepting extraordinarily high payments for helping the rich and the church charities to systemically rip societys marginalised off. The legacy of this experience is doubtless the stale policies and luke warm services meted out with an invariable air of superiority by a gung ho Mission (Australia)Employment. Did they help anyone? The resounding answer is that the biggest beneficiary of this travesty is Mission Australia,its architect.

 In 2000 when this was happening, dissident head of Mission Australias Victoria Branch had this to say;

Ray Cleary: I think it’s sad that in terms of the welfare reform process that it’s headed up by a large corporate welfare agency which in many ways some of us would say has lost touch with poverty and poor people.

yes, he was referring to Mission Australia.We wonder where Mr Cleary is now???

And from president of ACOSS Michael Raper;

The President of ACOSS, Michael Raper.

Michael Raper: Well ACOSS is still in the centre in giving voice to the needs of people who are in poverty or otherwise disadvantaged rather than necessarily in the centre for the sector. We’ve never claimed that we are the only voice in the sector. We are a very unique voice. We bring it all together in a sense; we cover across all of the government portfolios: employment, education, training, economics, tax, community services, health, education, social security, housing.
None of the other organisations actually have that breadth. So that is what’s unique about ACOSS. We’re unique in the sector, and we’re unique in giving that focus to the needs of people who live in poverty.
Most of the other big church charity groups have a unique role, and an important role, but they are service providers. And their interests don’t always coincide with the interests of the people that we are all trying to serve, and they admit that from time to time.
So there’s the tension sometimes between our role as the sector peak and the voice for people in disadvantage, and of course it’s always the latter that guides us, is what’s unique about us, and is actually what gives us our strength, because all of those agencies, our member organisations, respect that about ACOSS, expect that from ACOSS and I think will continue to support that.

 Well guys, how does your story stand up these days? How many millions of dollars have you generated for your respective organisations?And how many families have you driven beyond the brink with your intentional slave labour practices?

 I notice in the last ten years that the tongue of ACOSS which purported to represent Marginalised people has been somewhat silenced, perhaps because current chair and ex NT Chief Minister Claire Martin simply has more political nouse.

We include a telling ABC blast from the past

 We say to DEETYA “good work, will you please now throw the dirty bathwater out with the baby?”

   Minimum wage for adults??? Well,we were going to go there and guess what we found? Slave Labour Program architect Patrick McClure,now invested with the letters AO after his name, is now a bloody Fair Pay Commissioner!!!! Some confidence you would have in his presence on a fair pay commission, and I personally am in little doubt who this ex-franciscan monk and Head of Slave Labour Development in Mission Australia would be fair to and it certainly ain’t the bloody marginalised.  i wondered which pile of excerment this worm would crawl out of next and I no longer have to wonder.

 Knowing hes there gives a whole new meaning to Fair Pay Commission. This is the mongrel who turned the setting of awards prior to hiring workers into an art form, cheered on by the Howardly Liberals whose constituency reaped rich rewards from their decade plus of exploitative practices. And I’m not going to learn a completely new language to understand this comissions intentionally obfuscated website-suffice to say, it wasn’t written for our benefit peepz… it was written for the benefit of slave labour hiring exploiters.

 I’d like everyone to reminisce over the last decade.Think of it as the Decade of the Low Paid Worker, and the overpaid Boss. Now guess which side the McClure Fair Pay commission is on-McClure is probably a self appointed workers representative.

 Consider this

Current minimum wage for adults;

$543.78 per week(4 hours), about $13-50 per hour.Give or take a few cents.Gross.Minus tax.Remember,wage earners are also encumbered with being an interest free moneylending service to the government. Take $156 0ut for tax. Yes you might get it back at the end of the tax year,but will your landlord wait till then for his rent?



387-78 per week

 40          average cost of travel to work.

347-78 per week.

260        per week.Average private rent for cockroach infested investor owned bedsit in Sydney.

  87-78 per week….thats what a working person earning the McClure inspired and agreed minimum wage can expect to have in his pocket, before buying such non essentals as food,clothes, work related expenses etc. And the likes of McClure don’t give a flying fuck because so far his pet project Mission Australia has ripped (sorry reaped) millions in the name of satisfying corporate greed and Liberal/National Farmers Federation creed. 

  The sad thing though, is that upon further reading, and the dearth of actual information substituted with Howard Style spin doctoring, is a decided disappointment on the site. We are sure that the same poverty industry players are lining up further tiers of exploitative practices to further enrich and enfranchise themselves and their organisations to our detriment just like McClure/Liberal/Mission Australia did.And this time they have the added advantage of Patrick McClure sitting in the Fair Pay Commission.patrick and his fellow commissioners thought it was okay to except farm workers in drought affected areas from pay rises due to drought without the consideration that they too must be experiencing the spiralling costs faced by the rural sector. Patrick McClure who with Howard changed the concept of mutual obligation from meaning pay tax when you work, get government assistance when you don’t to adding in an extra layer of exploitation, now determines whether your pay rise is fair.

 We call on all Homeless and Marginalised people to boycott Mission Australia or any surrogate agency it may have, and ask to link with an alternative service provider.

 I’m sure Mission Australia and several government departments can co-stroke each others egos with a tidal wave of statistics to convince an accountant.Here on the street,they mean diddly squat. And we call on all Government Claimants NOT to complete surveys polls or answer any questions put by Mission Australia.

 The very thought of rewarding those who benefitted so much from exploitation of marginalised people getting further benefits is as repugnant as giving the Nazi Party of Germany the worldwide rights to manufacture gas ovens.

 We look forward to assisting with ANY legal actions on behalf of Badgered beneficiaries who wish to legally challenge this badge engineered package.

…And may Mission Australia and Patrick McClure rot in Pieces.