The Rees NSW Labor Party are hell bent on driving the convertible submarine “NSW Government” at full speed, at fourty fathoms with the softtop down. As successful litigation by numerous aggrieved parties against various departments clearly illustrates,the NSW Labor Party cares little for due process prosecuting whimsically on the basis of what they can get away with, not content to await the passage of their Nazi like self empowering legislation. 
The recent case of nightclub promoter and alleged ex Nomads member John Ibrahim before Justice Finnane is just the latest in a NSW Labor orchestrated whole of government approach to democratic totalitarianism. In this case, in which police attempted to use new powers which allow them and their nark accomplices to use illegal means to encourage a person or persons to commit a crime, Justice Finnane found the case so offended legal principles that he ruled all evidence in the case inadmissible.
 In the so called “anti bikie legislation” which actually applies equally to all sectors of society, police and government can sieze or freeze assets before a charge has been laid or conviction secured, effectively leaving the defence potentially underfunded to compete with the unlimited resources of multiple government departments, who are able to spend unlimited taxpayer dollars in prosecuting often trumped up cases, such as that manufactured against Mr Ibriham.In a Labor concocted twist, arrested persons are no longer presumed innocent, with a presumption against bail being granted ensuring that belligerent police are able to maximise inconvenience to anyone who challenges their often anglo centric authority whether there is any evidence or not. And the Legal Aid office now offers a mere pretence of Legal Representation, and will only fund cursory defence needs, sufficient to put on a show of equal access to courts for the benefit of media based observers,but insufficient to counter the inexhaustible resources available to pigs and the DPP.
 Police media releases last night mention the rearrest and charging of the leader of the Comancheros with murder-and their first attempt to have a gang declared a proscribed organisation. Some high school students reviewing this last night look forward to using this legislation themselves when they are politicians, against NSW Police and various other government funded thug elements.
 The NSW Labor assented Chldrens and Young Persons Protection Act 1998 is perhaps the most evil draconian and damaging legislation in NSW. The Empowering legislation for NSW DOCs is reviewed in the Childrens Court which, just like Guantanamo Bay, does not allow media or public access, is restricted to family, DOCs The DPP, Lawyers and so called experts like Childrens court clinicians who, as contractors , can assure themselves of no further work by writing a report contrary to the desired outcomes DOCs wish. If this legislation were applied to this nonsensical department in the same way as it is applied to families and community members, it would be likely that in a jurisdiction where the evidence act applied, they would in fact be prohibited from working with children.Our belief is in fact that EVERY DOCS WORKER AND MINISTER and EVERY AGENCY CONTRACTOR EMPLOYEE should immediately be prohibited from working with children, so endemic and widespread within DOCs culture is the opportunity to nurture inappropriate outcomes, and the regularity with which it is applied.  
 There is compelling evidence that police regularly fabricate allegations for the purpose of using the Guantanamo Bay Childrens Courts as a system of blackmailing or terrorising families who do not wish to comply with their anglo assimilationist agenda. It is no accident that of all public services, the police and judiciary staff and systems are by far the most monoculturally anglo.The widely canvassed case of Ebony, left to starve to death, or the aboriginal boy found in the suitcase in the lake are the whitecaps on an ocean of DOCS inspired horror movies inflicted on children and families statewide by a department which can best be described as an organ of state terrorism. Under the recent changes in response to the Woods report, all that will change is that DOCs will become the family police,in an attempt to force parents to deculture their children in the image of a government which takes its legitimacy from the genocide of an absolute minimum of 300,000 Eora and other aboriginal peoples upon their arrival. Fred Nile and his christian bretheren will be as pleased as were their christian forebears who within one year of arrival on the First Fleet, with the assistance of two germ warfare veterans of British Army biological warfare in US, handed out the smallpox contaminated blankets. This is the same department whose Minister Linda Burney earlier this month confirmed her governments intention NOT to assist over 5000 people a night who will be homeless in Australia,or at least the proportion who are in Sydney.
 Justice Woods may have delivered an appropriate report if his mandate included reviewing the anti family anti children legislation.Never has a department existed more with its self preservation as its priority than NSW DOCs.We will never know,because the terms of reference were so narrow as to only look after the interests of the department.
 The Department of Housing and its surrogates have conspired to reserve for themselves advantages under residential tenancy law which deny tenants security of tenure “at a location of choice”. These amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act 1987, along with the powers given to police & DOCs as departmental agents, represent an invasive and unfair orchestration of government powers to take further rights from marginalised people. Marginalised people who oppose police racism and confront widespread inappropriate acts by police and DOCs can be and are persecuted and blackmailed further by Housing in this whole of government strategy.The most invasive aspects of the current amendments relate to forcible relocation.Where the department wishes to resume a property, they may offer the tenant alternative accommodation-anywhere!Or revoke their leases. We understand that the department recently trannsferred tenants living on Cowper Wharf Road in Woolloomooloo to the Redfern Housing Estates only to release the Cowper Wharf Road Properties on the private rental market.And our information is that further mass transfers are in the pipeline for resdents of the Rocks, Millers Point, Woolloomooloo as well as some public housing tenants in Glebe.These are,we are told, being effected to enable the redevelopment of those areas by private developers.
 The State Governments indecent haste in ramming into force its draconian legislations has its latest manifestation in a blatant attack on small charities which choose to provide the services which the State will not, to the people the State won’t provide with appropriate assistance, many of whom clearly need it. Charities like Just Enough Faith. People like Homeless and Marginalised. In the case of Just Enough Faith,NSW government agency Office of Liqour Gaming and Racing dispensed with Legal process, opting to simply walk in and sieze the privately donated assets without so much as a notice or court orders.The Associations Incorporation Act 2009 is broadsword in the belly of jurisprudence and natural justice. Doubtless Minister Kevin Greene in his previous incarnation as the less than successful Minister of DOCS was enchanted with the Childrens court mechanism in which the evidence act doesn’t apply and the media and public are shut out. The parliamentary committee reviewing this legislation in its final upper house session still voiced unrequited disquiet at the fact that the DG of the responsible department could “as he sees fit” take action against any charity. This legislation will, we feel do much to keep his departmental minions and a veritable SeaWorld of lawyers very well fed on the carnage this legislation will foist not only on charities, but their directors and trustees. 
 These and many other Hitlerian changes to the way NSW government does business will have the most significant impact on the homeless and other marginalised communities. An increasingly inept, out of touch and out of control Rees government which we understand will soon instruct all departments to sign correspondence “suicidally yours” must be stopped- by public action.