We are quietly confident of a good outcome for Just Enough Faith and the Sydney Homeless Community, and a slap in the face for government belligerence by the end of the week. We cannot reveal how this may transpire, but are now more confident than we have ever been in the last 2 months.

the OLGR will look like thisSuffice to say, in order to lose now, four separate actions on four different levels initiated by interested parties must fail- against the prospects prooffered by advisors. While we do not anticipate that Just Enough Faith will be operational by the weeks end, we think that the OLGR Director General and the administrator will certainly not be partying. Or their cohorts, the evil trinity who so skillfully spun their web of malicious misrepresentations -to a mass media machine which manufactures mayhem for the men and women who through their vision and tenacity dream themselves into the real world.

We do not believe that a win for Just Enough Faith represents a loss for Exodus-far from it.But it does mean a win for us and another loss for LaborNSW and its despotic brand of governance.

Look for updates to this storyline ,as they come to hand.