Support for JEF’s in our opinion imminent return to their rightful control of the organisation we know and trust remains rock solid among homeless, and key supporters are noticeably enlivened by the latest developments. Anticipating a return of control, we are already looking at fundraising strategies to keep the operations liquid. The current situation is that Just Enough Faith,once returned to the control of its members, may still not have the right to solicit donations in NSW. However, there is nothing stopping us,or any other party,soliciting on their behalf, and they are still registered as tax exempt with the tax office. We ask that all potential donors NOT DONATE IMMEDIATELY, but register their intention to do so with us at jef-logo While we will simply pass this information to JEF, we want to ensure that it is we, not they who are soliciting the donations on to their organisation.

 We want absolute transparency in this process and to be clear that we are acting entirely of our own initiative, and that Just Enough Faith are at this stage blissfully unaware of this solicitation. For Legal reasons.

 The unrequited need from the marginalised community has never been as evident of a winter as it is this year. And the NSW government continues to drive its submarine with the softtop down, affecting not to see as has been the case for the past 16 years. 

 We the Sydney Homeless Community will not stand idle to watch our most essential service destroyed by a government hell bent on driving developers property values up by driving us out of town. Nor will we stand and watch our key service provider destroyed, because they and many genuine supporters saw and fulfilled a genuine, ongoing community need.

 And we remain rock solid behind Jeff and Alina Gambin, separately from the JEF organisation. They are like the family many of us never had,and we,the street, do not turn our backs on family.