We have, we believe, given ample opportunity to the poverty industry and its State government sponsors to come to the party, to hear our proposals for resolving long-term homelessness. Their deafening silence punctuated only by DOCs Minister Linda Burneys espousement of tired government/poverty industry driven policy lacking in direct target  group consultation.

 We knew that they were discussing these very important (to us) matters on the 19th and 30th June, and MLA Sylvia Hale (Greens) actually invited her to meet with us on the issues which concern us. She offered a meeting with her department on her agenda terms. Well, we regarded it as a bit like finding a cure for aids. When the medical profession developed drugs to combat aids, they didn’t consult the disease- and we do not need to go to antartica to know its cold there. Her agenda and her departmental minions are the singular most common cause of homelessness and marginalisation in NSW. A common story of the men on the Streets today is coming home from work to find wife has a



 brand spanking new court order banning him from the house he paid for and sometimes, even a brand new bf, who tell him hes not allowed in the house he paid for- all arranged by DOCs on the often manufactured allegations of a bored housewife whose real reasons are her new bf or sometimes the idea that a single parents pension is a good idea. Between 5 and 10 percent of men on the streets at any one time are in this category. Ms Burney has had her chance, and as alluded to previously we can now confirm that we will be taking strong action, in defense of our Jefs Corner Foodvan service, and in defence of Just Enough Faith as the rightful and illegally siezed service provider.That action will commence this week, and progressively escalate from there. 

  A series of actions will be revealed this week aimed at stabilising and maintaining our foodvan service at the levels which the founder of the Jefs Corner Foodvan Service established.

 This service has not only fed up to 600 people per night, but also, by providing wholesome, nutritious selections, driven the Poverty Industry Meal Services to  upgrade their shameful minimalist services, only providing half decent meals when media were present.An average of 190 people eating every night at the foodvan would indicate that it provides an esential service. Where else would homeless women and children, and even Youth off the Streets Don Bosco Hostel charges eat?

 We invite all local and the entire homeless and marginalised community in NSW to come and eat at the Jefs Corner Foodvan Site 8-30 p.m. every night corner of Yurong Parkway and St Marys St. Thats Straight below the St Marys Cathedral (bottom of the hill). And stay a while, right here in Sydney 2000, home of the homeless.