In what may well be the first of a series of embarassing court proceedings for the NSW Labor Government brought by various NSW Homeless Communities, a small dignified group of well known Bondi Homeless people yesterday voiced their desire to be housed in their area of choice or remain homeless.The Waverley Council have asked them to leave the area where they are currently living, and they have brought proceedings in relation to that issue.

They have been firm in identifying the issues and endemic problem State and Federal Government will face in implementing their ” marginalised as NGO sector income generators” policies, which provide SAAP “assisted” housing. Many long term homeless will simply refuse to consider accepting the advice of often inept university graduates that marginalised people should run around in circles driving comfortable incomes for a variety of professionals who don’t know where to look for appropriate solutions, simply because the State Government and its NGO benefactors have not considered providing them. While some people will doubtless be leveraged to accept these accommodations, the majority of Sydneys Homeless community will not so much boycott, as simply ignore these SAAP based housing options as inappropriate. We don’t need your advice-just stable low cost appropriate(as viewed by our community,not Linda Burney) stable housing. The other main issue which their is universal agreement on is appropriate location- Many in the 2000 postcode will flatly refuse to consider any housing which involves relocation, with some rejecting even Waterloo or Ashfield due to distance. Sydney Homeless live in postcode 2000, not Marrickville,Dulwich Hill or even Glebe.

It is worth noting that a mere 25 years ago, Bondi Beach was an affordable working class suburb, jokingly referred to as little New Zealand due to large numbers of kiwi workers residing in the area. Such has been the combined effect of a lack of government regulation of the financial sector, and real estate industry, that most workers would be hard pressed to afford even toilet fees, much less rental accommodation.