Because Homeless people don’t have an address, and it appears that the various tiers of government can only find the homeless people who will espouse views supportive of poverty industry business funding requirements, we are making it easy for government and opposition elected officials to find us…right here in Postcode 2000. Thats right, Sydney Homeless are making the 2000 postcode the default postcode for homeless people.

  We are over the government supported NIMBY strategy (we don’t want them too close to MacQuarrie St) of dislocating Sydneys Homeless community from our selected area of residence, to Dulwich Hill, Baulkham Hills, Cecil Hills or Hillston.. we like it here, and fully intend to stay! And since government seems to find that so objectionable, we are inviting our friends!!! We invite ALL NSW Homeless people to come and live right here in the Sydney CBD. Make Homelessness History? Nice words, but homelessness has been part of Sydney 2000 since the first boatloads of convicts arrived here. The convicts and their masters were homeless, so they set about staking their claims in “this empty land”, removing the aboriginal population min.300,000 who interfered with their concept of “empty” ,by such ingenious means as germ warfare, using smallpox infected blankets as a supporting weapon for the musket.Postcode 2000 saw “the waterfront” areas of the Rocks, Millers Point and what is now Darling Harbour supporting populations of homeless people who were an essential and ruthlessly exploited.Circular Quay used to be a favoured hangout of homeless and marginalised people with doss house The Seamens Mission occupying whats  Our neibouring 2011