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Continue Jefs Corner Foodvan


While the State Government continues to listen to the poverty industry in a scenario parallelling discussions with the Don on dismantling organised crime, Sydneys Homeless Community, The JEF Directors, The Gambins personally and supporters are united and committed to ensuring the continuation of the Jefs Corner Foodvan Service. And while multiple tiers of government and a veritable feeding frenzy of self interest promoting service providers continue discussions on how they are going to carve up the pie, and precisely how many crumbs to feed the homeless and marginalised, JEFs corner volunteer organisations groups and individuals will continue their largely unfunded and strategically effective delivery of “just in time intervention solutions” to ongoing marginalisation and as-it-happens crisis situations. 

 We are united in our recognition that not only is the JEFs got it right in service delivery, and remains the sole group dedicated to providing substantial, quality food and ancilliary services to homeless and at risk of homeless people in Sydney CBD. AND THAT THIS ESSENTIAL SERVICE MUST CONTINUE.

As Exodus contract draws to a close, and we understand, the government’s short term funding of the Exodus service is unmasked as a cynical attempt to deflate negative mainstream media coverage, Sydney Homeless offer our qualified thanks to Exodus,  noting that they provide the service by government agreement- and may in fact have been manipulated to do so for party political purposes. Sydney Homeless also invite Exodus to remain in partnership (but not leadership) of the Services which evolve at Jef’s Corner going forward. We also invite YOTs, whose DoCS funded Don Bosco Hostel in Marrickville is noted for the regularity with which it drops off its most welcome charges at the JEF Foodvan site, to perhaps make a small contribution to the services- out of their DOCS budget, perhaps. And any other organisations who may wish to provide hot coffee, or complimentary services on a non faith, voluntary basis. We are working on a roster initially to complement, but if necessary to replace, Exodus. No State Government Organisations, thanks- your minister has derecognised us as constituents, and we will now derecognise legitimacy of the State Government.