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The Rudd federal government announces proposed alterations to federal law making wealthy litigants abusing the court system by prolonging cases so as to exhaust their oppositions resources a thing of the past… and we applaud the move!!!

 We call on State legislators State Judiciary, civil liberties and the legal profession to present a unified voice in calling for mirror legislation in ALL NSW State jurisdictions. For too long, the farcicial State Legal system has been weighed down with legislation and legal processes which create a procedural imbalance in the process of law. The office of the Director of Public Prosecutions are well known as perpetrators of this practice, especially in Childrens Court proceedings involving DoCS, with police and Department of Community services joining forces with their partner department in conspiracies to economically persecute, rather than or as well as judicially prosecute in a bid to leverage compliance with the wishes of often incompetent and sometimes mischevious and malicious DoCS case workers, case managers and police informants-with evidence closely shielded from public and media scrutiny by laws ostensibly in place to protect children, but in reality protecting the NSW Department of Community/Childrens Services.

 Several similar examples of DPP are known to have been perpetrated in other State jurisdictions . In some cases, assets belonging to a contesting parties which may well have been deployed to fund a defence are siezed by police, as in some of the recent alleged bikie cases. Were it not for the well known fierce independence of the Director, Nicholas Chowdery, we would be forced to conclude that the entire office were unduly influenced to procure success within the court system not on the basis of jurisprudence, but by any means necessary.

 We have confidence that the proposed changes announced will go some way to re-enabling more equal access to just FEDERAL legal process.

 We really don’t have faith in many (if any) State Government branches, and less faith in the current governments capability to acknowledge issues far less drive effective change. In fact, why not just federalise and do away completely with the enormous costs of maintaining increasingly irrelevant State and Territory governments?