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 STOP PRESS!!!  Homeless Man in wheelchair burned to Death

Due to the Minister for DoCS recent statements regarding the State governments intentions going forward NOT to support homeless people, except in the exploitative context of providing services AFTER we have received SUPPORTED accommodation, polling is currently underway among our community, with the intention of formulating a community policy of non-cooperation with all levels and agencies of State Government. We are no longer prepared to be used as the excuse for your departments to expend millions of taxpayer dollars on internal departmental largesse and supporting your nominated service providers to provide minimalist services in our name.

We encourage all homeless people in NSW to move

to the Sydney 2000/2011 postcode. We are over the

out of sight out of mind attitude of arrogant NSW

Labor Govt ministers, and call on all NSW homeless

to come where you will be seen.

They want to move us out of 2000/2011 postcodes as

it is the view of their developer friends that

we keep property values down. Keeping property

values down is a good thing, isn’t it?

Lower Rents, lower property values for our kids.

Message to Houseo tenants in Woollo… look out for

the department to offer you a new tenancy out

west, then terminate your tenancy when you refuse

on location grounds.  

And just what the hell are houseo doing renting properties on Cowper Wharf Rd on the private market when there is a chronic housing shortage?


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