In a notification just to hand, it seems that administrator Chris Jones has issued an eviction notice to the JEF guys who live at the JEF Rozelle premises. A quick check of the Residential Tenancies Act 1987 shows that this may well be another illegal act on his part.


We are led to believe that the administrator Chris Jones is now moving to hand over control of Just Enough Faiths Facilities in Rozelle to interests associated with traitor to the homeless and architect of the demise of Just Enough Faith John Oliver. There is information to hand that Oliver has made an in principle agreement to “buy” his way in to the charity business and may be attempting to run this gambit as an excel sheet extension of Exodus Foundation. We would counsel Bill Crews and the directors of Exodus (or any other charity) to consider any such arrangement very carefully. We put all charities, the OLGR, the administrator on notice that any organisation in which Oliver is involved is an unacceptable option to us.

  We will oppose any such organisation fronting for Oliver taking control of facilities developed at Rozelle to provide services to Sydney Homeless by all means available, with extreme prejudice.

 Input from people who have over the years been financially and materially supportive of Just Enough Faith is scathing of the way in which the results of their donations, given specifically because JEF was a non faith based, non government affiliated and independent organisation, WHICH PROVIDED SERVICES TO SYDNEY HOMELESS PEOPLE, may now end up in the hands of the very organisations whom they so carefully avoided supporting.

 And we note the resources were donated to service Sydneys Homeless community. Look forward to our streuous objections, should they be applied for any other purpose. To prevent any ambiguity, we believe that the legal definition of Sydney is the area currently controlled by Sydney City council.  

 Tonight, we have reviewed 35 emails from people saying that they are just so sick of this and other (named) hijacks of well meaning donor support, that they just won’t give to anyone. We have emailed them back a list of organisations which we don’t consider to be charities, so much as businesses. The list will be posted shortly. But we agree with them. Far too many accept donations in the name of marginalised groups and squander the funds cleaning up their moral transgressions with perfectly legal smart accounting practices designed to enrich the charity with the scraps to the nominal beneficiaries.

In other news, the OLGR become The Fun Police, stuffing Weddings up