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Urgent Call for Community Support;

Elect Sydneys Homeless Ambassador;

An anarchic group of homeless people and supporters are looking at setting up a semipermanent camp in a crossover of modelling between Brazils Favelas and Canberras Aboriginal Tent embassy. Among the sites under consideration is said to be the Sydney Domain area directly across the street from the parliamentary dining facility, affording DoCS minister Linda Burnie, Housing Minister and Gaming and Lotteries Minister Kevin Greene a reverse goldfish bowl opportunity to observe the impact of their policies at street level, while they feast at the largesse of taxpayers.

 As the whole of government approach continues to increase the surpluses (in combined government funding corporate sponsorships and donations) among service providers, as demand increases at street level across Greater Sydney, the accessible services for homeless and marginalised people diminishes.

 And as the State and Federal governments, and their NGO/NFP/Business partners apply ever more coercive strategies to force marginalised people to drive earnings for increasingly bottom line focussed charities the dillema for Homeless and Marginalised people is reminiscent of the Victorian Bushfires Fiasco; “Run and Hide” or “Stay and Fight.” Now we are NOT about to compare the Victorian Fire Authorities with the NSW Government. It would be  totally unfair on the Victorian Fire Authorities.

 When the going gets tough,the tough get going.

 Wesley Mission, who have according to their own account been a service provider since the 1820s, have recently closed their much used and now lamented meals service at the Edward Eagar Lodge in Surry Hills.This important service provided an important link in the food and social fabric of the inner city’s burgeoning street community sector which is afflicted by mental health issues. Wesley Mission have seemingly chosen to reject the coalface of need in line with government strategy, with their strategy shifting to SAAP modelling in which Marginalised people accessing their services become long term income generators, trapped in isolation from their foster kinship communities in the isolation of such facilities as The Noreen Towers Centre in Liverpool. With an inbuilt DoCS and Mental Health spying program which clients are not told exists and can be used against them in any future proceedings various arms of government, or Wesley Mission itself may choose to institute. A dangerous radical extension of these policies; Person with assets is diagnosed as “mentally incompetent”, so Wesley get to determine where their assets go. Or any other SAAP.

 We are astounded to find that Mission Beat, that innovative corporately funded income generator unit of Charity/NFP/Business Mission Australia,which recently announced a mobile bike patrol service, no longer run their van services, which for many years took drunks and drug affected people off the streets to the relative safety of drunk tanks and detox units, no longer operates full time- and the hours which they have cut out include weekend nights, which everyone except Mission Australia knows is the most critically underserviced time frame, and arguably when the risks are highest-when the going gets tough,the tough get going.Long gone is the unlamented Swanton Lodge, a Sydney City Mission run pigsty which nevertheless did provide emergency beds. Of course, Mission Australias ex CEO, and the ex head honcho of Perth City Mission, was credited as the architect of Howard/Costellos marginalised services reform, ramming the slave labour Workchoices program down the throats of the community, and coercing the population to work for pittances which actually saw workers families worse off than ever. And of course, as a contractor to the Australian government Mission Australia did exceedingly well-financially. The whole notion of mutual responsibility as espoused by this series of invasive programs is morally flawed. Mutual responsibility pre-existed the Howard definition and is the fundimental basis of the Social Security system. When you work or generate income, you pay tax, so that when you don’t, the government picks up some of your costs. Thats mutual obligation. Howard and his cronies simply created an extra and onerous set of obligations which created massive new revenue streams for Mission Australia, and other FACS/DEETYA contractors, and a pool of among the most ineptly trained jobless in the world.

 We found out about Missionbeat not operating 24 hours only when we rang on behalf of a drug/alcohol affected guy who ended up being attended to by ambulance officers-and they arrived almost before we called,well done, AMBOs. We fully support NSW AMBOs and if they have a tenfold increase in funding we will applaud the orchestrators of that decision- we just don’t see anyone in NSW Labor who has the balls to do it. Ambos don’t get paid enough and their service is underfunded.FIX IT!!!.

 And joining (or encouraging) the throng at the exit gates is the Marie Antoinette of NSW Labor, Linda Burney, who thinks that 50,000 people who are homeless every night over the next ten years don’t need any government assistance…. and Ms Burnies response to MP Sylvia Hales question ;!OpenDocument in which she states; “The City of Sydney and the Department of Community Services have been working together on a range of strategies with day programs and food services to increase coordination and integration of programs to ensure homeless people are assisted out of the homelessness cycle rather that sustained in sub-standard conditions.” We are not sure that Sydney City are in agreement with this.

In NSW Parliament this week, in fact, there has been a committee sitting to discuss Homelessness and Low Cost accommodation. Once again, the parliamentary committee will spend weeks considerng the views and objectives of the very poverty industry operatives who have benefitted from a plethora of social programs concocted and connived by an array of Federal and State governments since federation. Well, our research shows that in fact homelessness is a lifestyle which predates federation. We know that the current generation of submitters to the State and Federal Government policy committees will drive more earnings for their NGOs. Thats what happens when you try to solve a problem by listening to those whose financial wellbeing is dependent upon the problem continuing to exist? A nice, cosy arrangement where the relevant ministers increase their power, and the relevant NGOs increase their earnings. Where are the benefits to marginalised communities and people? You will have to ask the perpetrators of this travesty, because marginalised people don’t see them-just the scraps from the well fed at the welfare table.

 (We base the above calculation on the prime minister,Mr Rudds figures, which indicate 105,000 homeless every night nationwide, and a goal of reducing this by 50% by 2020. We think he has grossly underestimated the figure, and many from various branches of social services privately agree. But we will use it. And use conservative accounting principles in all our calculations,as we do.)

 If Ms Burnie is Marie Antoinette, then Minister Kevin Greene of the OLGR surely deserves to the title of Guy Fawkes for his role and stonewalling in the demise of Just Enough Faith. And we would not have a view if he were in fact treated like Guy Fawkes; at least Sydney homeless may be able to keep warm for a while at the bonfire!!!

 By the same definitions, we see John Oliver,Tim Buckley or Alan Byrne architects of the demise of Just Enough Faith, as  Pinnochio Goofy and Mickey Mouse… the three advisors whom the mainstream media based and OLGR based their trial and execution of Just Enough Faith and Jef Gambin on.

 And,we confidently predict that the Lazarus in this story will be Jef and Alina Gambin, who will again take their rightful place at the head of the homeless and community table, analysing for and servicing the immediate needs of Sydneys Homeless and Marginalised community, because Governments and their feeding frenzy of baitfish NGO contractors won’t.