A person is homeless if a person family or group consider themselves to be. Homelessness is neither age nor gender specific and is confined to no particular creed race or sexuality.

 Homelessness is “Not having access to appropriate, affordable and appropriately located housing, as determined by the individual.”

At Risk of Homelessness applies to all persons who do not have control over their accommodation. This includes all renters, including all social housing tenants in NSW, all SAAP tenants and all boarders and lodgers.If you don’t own it or have a short term lease,you are at risk of homelessness.

 We consider that all social housing tenants are at risk of homelessness due to changes to The NSW Residential Tanancies Act 1987 specifically Division 2. and sections 68,68a,69,69a. The Residential Tenancies Act 1987 can be viewed in full with all updated information included at http://www.legislation.nsw.gov.au/fullhtml/inforce/act+26+1987+pt.5-div.3-sec.67+0+N?#fn