John Oliver is the multimillionaire retired bigwig from Babcock & Brown (in liquidation).

 John Oliver reportedly told the papers  ” that by the end of 2006, he and his fellow volunteers had been reduced to buying pigs’ cheeks for 50 cents a kilogram to keep the food program going.””Once the money ran out the food deteriorated quickly. All we had was fatty rubbish, the food was absolutely dreadful and we struggled in the kitchen to make suitable quality.” (Read News Item). A multimillionaire notices that a charity doesn’t have sufficient meat, so spends 50c a kilo on fatty pigs cheeks??? Is this an indication-a measure of the man? We think it is. A man who dedicates seven years to feeding the homeless, a man worth millions, would really do this? Only if he is the same sort of man prepared to accept millions of dollars for denuding, robbing, workers of their lifes work and entitlements, by the simple device of sending an email saying “you’re fired”.

 We wonder how many people in the queues of homeless and marginalised people lining up for charitable assistance around the country are victims of this ruthless culture-this gung ho attitude-to the human cost of achieving corporate greed.We must point out that what John Oliver/Babcock and Brown did was probably perfectly legal;we have no reason to believe otherwise.What we question however is the morality.The morality of callously sacrificing the financial well being of staff in the name of corporate greed-and personal gain.

And we asked ourselves, if these are the corporate morals of the man, are there skeletons in his corporate or personal closet??? And bingo, what did we find??? We won’t say directly at this juncture because to do so may embarass at least one otherwise innocent party…and we won’t do that.But we reserve our right to at a time of our choosing, just as Team John Oliver did in their masterfully executed character assasination and trial by media of Jef Gambin and Just Enough Faith. Looking at this mans ruthless track record, we asked ourselves, why does a man who cares so little for the staff who built businesses and treats them as one would toilet paper, spend seven years feeding the homeless?

 Un requited guilt? Perhaps a personality disorder? We don’t think so.We are discussing an incredibly smart man- a man who jumped into the anonimity of retirement at almost the precise moment that the good ship B&B started to flounder.We don’t know if he breached his duty of care to other shareholders or if he disposed of or dealt in B&B shares using knowledge gleaned as an insider (insider trading,ASIC call it)-he probably didn’t.And if he did, he certainly would have known how to conceal the fact.For example, if he had shares held in a Delaware Company(and there is no evidence that we are aware of that he did),there is no requirement in that state to name directors of an LLC- hell-if everyone on the street knows that,surely John Oliver would.We don’t mean to insinuate that he did-he probably didn’t; but he certainly could have used this or any of the many other complex corporate strategies to do so if he wished to.

 So what posessed Oliver to on the one hand create financial mayhem in the homes of  innumerable sacked workers, and on the other hand spend seven years feeding the homeless??? Did he think he had found another cash cow which he considered ready for butchering??? 

 Did he have anything to do with, or any prior knowledge of the unfortunate events which were about to unfold at Babcock and Brown, shortly after he retired? 

 And is it more than a coincidence that he resigned just before bringing Just Enough Faith to its knees? 

 It seems Mr John Oliver has a habit of jumping just before the ship goes down- maybe because he’s pulling the plug?

One  question Mr Oliver,sir.In relation to the exerpt below-

“If [the foundation] doesn’t continue, we just hope another organisation can step in and use the facilities.”

Hope? Or did you always intend to oust Jef Gambin and turn Just Enough Faith into your personal fiefdom, soliciting donations in the name of Sydney Homeless and Marginalised, while using JEFF as an investment vehicle-like the Sydney Anglican Synod did on their way to losing 100 million dollars?

 Are you or any of your Team of conspirators working with insiders within OLGR to further your personal vendettas against Jef Gambin ,Just Enough Faith and Sydney Homeless people?