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There has been much made in the mainstream media by John Oliver of Jef Gambins alleged exaggerations. This is the same man quoted in the Brisbane Times article referenced above.

In the Brisbane Times article, dated 26 April 2008 John Oliver says that he spent seven years with Just Enough Faith feeding the homeless.

Yet in 2006, at , he is on record as having ALREADY spent 10 years with Just Enough Faith. 

Babcock and Brown Annual Report 2006


After seven years of feeding the homeless every Friday night and raising more than $120,000 for the charity, in January last year John Oliver, a retired investment banker with Babcock & Brown, decided to walk away.

After seven years of volunteering and fund-raising for the foundation, Oliver says that like many other volunteers, he feels more frustrated than angry that it has come to this.

“We’ve met some wonderful people and have helped a lot of people out. But if the funds had been used effectively, we could have achieved so much more,” he says.

-excerpted from Brisbane Times.

Mr Oliver, in your previous life as an investment banker you understood numbers. Dollars quoted in multiples of telephone numbers. So how is it that you had been volunteering with JEF for over 10 years in 2006, but only 7 years in 2008??? I checked and unless you are using some numerical system known only to merchant bankers, both statements cannot be right. And, Mr Oliver, the character assasination of Jef Gambin hinges upon your integrity. If this is a mere oversight on your part,we think it incredible that you should “forget” 3 years of your valuable voluntary service. Were you just careless? If so, what else were you careless about? Specifically, in relation to Jef Gambin and Just Enough Faith?

 Oh and by the way,thanks for the turkey.

                                                                                             …….coming soon, John 1 verse 2 , or the life and times of John Oliver.